Transformers go in a movie

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The Transformers started out as a cartoon created to promote a toy. Now they're transforming into another moneymaking property: a movie. Tinseltown favorite Steven Spielberg will produce a film directed by The Island's Michael Bay, and the release date has already been set: July 4, 2007.

The story of the transformers involves the heroic Autobots and their selfless leader, Optimus Prime, as they fight a never-ending battle against the evil Decepticons, who want to enslave mankind. The cartoon first aired in 1984 and has continued through various iterations. Currently, a new series, Transformers: Cybertron, airs on the Cartoon Network. Cybertron refers to the Transformers home world.

The toy-to-cartoon-to-film conversion joins the already planned He-Man film, which is to be helmed by Hong Kong action auteur John Woo. Still available for reimagining: the GoBots.

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