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Transformers has big Mac attack

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Transformers: The Movie, a film based on the 1980s cartoon about a line of robot toys, is moving slowly down the assembly line toward the showroom.

Variety reports that comedian Bernie Mac has signed up to portray a used-car salesman in the movie. The character, Bobby Bolivia, is responsible for selling a Transformer--a car that transforms into a giant robot--to the film's main character, Sam, played by Shia LeBeouf.

Once Sam makes the car's acquaintance, the battle for the fate of the universe begins, with the heroic Autobots attempting to defend Earth form the evil Decepticons.

Las Vegas star Josh Duhamel has also joined the cast as Lennox, one of a team of soldiers that also includes John Turturro and is led by Jon Voight. Micheal Clarke Duncan and Tyrese Gibson are also rumored to be close to signing up for roles in the film. Megan Fox and Rachael Taylor round out the cast.

Transformers, scheduled for release on July 4, 2007, is already filled to the brim with box-office brawn. Handling directing chores is Hollywood heavyweight Michael Bay, known for such explosive films as The Rock and Bad Boys, and producing the movie is Mr. Blockbuster, Steven Spielberg.

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