Treme in tune with Steve Zahn

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Fans of David Simon's The Wire would be satisfied if the producer's next project, Treme, is half as good as the critically acclaimed HBO show about crime, cops, and corruption in the streets of Baltimore. But if the cast Simon has assembled holds up, Treme could be a contender for Simon's best work.

Actor Steve Zahn is in talks to join the project, according to The Hollywood Reporter, marking the first time the predominantly film thespian has signed on for a television series. Zahn has shown the ability to play both comedic and dramatic roles, appearing as an ex-con stoner in Steven Soderbergh's Out of Sight and as a wafer-thin bag-of-bones prisoner of war in Rescue Dawn.

His range should blend perfectly with Simon's style, which often demands his characters have us laughing hysterically at one moment and welling up with tears in the next.

Treme, which has a pilot order from HBO, follows a group of New Orleans musicians as they struggle during the post-Katrina aftermath. Zahn will play Davis Rogan, a street dancer, musician, and local radio DJ.

Kim Dickens has also joined Treme as Rogan's love interest. Dickens previously appeared in Lost as the target of Sawyer's con, and also in Deadwood as brothel madam Joanie Stubbs.

Previously announced as the show's leads are Clarke Peters and Wendell Pierce, who played Lester Freamon and William "Bunk" Moreland, respectively, in The Wire.

Wire fans--I know you are out there. Are you as excited about this show as I am?

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