Trio of nets reveal projects

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The never-ending cycle of making television shows trudges on, and doing its part in the last few days were a trio of networks. NBC, AMC, and CBS each gave the OK to a new project, and it includes the expected cop drama, political thriller, and a--hold the phone!--a show about a man who remodels houses.

NBC is moving forward with Lost & Found, says The Hollywood Reporter. The script for the police drama was written several years ago and passed over, but has found a new chance at life as the network has ordered a cast-contingent pilot.

Lost & Found follows a female detective in Los Angeles who is banished to unglamorous police work after having a beef with the department's brass. Her new cases cover John and Jane Does, and she's forced to work out of the station's basement.

"There are exposed pipes, it's grimy and dingy and can't be further from the glossy CSI shows," writer Chris Levinson says of his script.

AMC continues to build its impressive slate with a pilot order for an unnamed political thriller. The drama will focus on a secret organization that controls the world's politics. Production is set for October, says The Hollywood Reporter.

CBS is continuing to move away from its usual stable of procedural dramas, ordering a put pilot (which almost guarantees a pick up) for a show based on the novel Confessions of a Contractor from author Richard Murphy.

The drama would be about a man who is contracted to remodel houses, and his experiences with his wealthy clients, according to Variety. TV execs initially balked at the idea, but once the book was penned, saw it in a different light.

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