Trouble for Vegas, Moonlight?

When the writers' strike ended a few weeks ago, Hollywood finally let out a collective sigh knowing that it could stop lying around the house and get back to work.

Well, most thought they would get back to work.

One bit of bad news about the lifting of the strike is that studio executives also went back to work--and part of their jobs is to cancel television shows. All eyes are on the mighty axe, which has apparently already been brought down on a few programs behind closed doors.

Yesterday saw reports of NBC's Bionic Woman being shut down for good, and today it looks like another NBC program will join it. Las Vegas, which concluded its fifth season less than a week ago, has been canceled, according to As is the case with Bionic Woman, NBC has yet to confirm the cancellation.

Las Vegas was a prime example of a "bubble show"--a program with chances of survival hovering around 50 percent. Other shows considered to be "on the bubble" include CBS's Cane and The Unit, NBC's Friday Night Lights, and Fox's Prison Break.

Speaking of bubble shows, CBS's Moonlight can also be thrown into that category, and it appears as though its bubble may have taken one step closer to bursting. In an unusual bit of timing, showrunner Chip Johannessen has been fired from the vampire drama, says TVGuide--not long after CBS ordered four more episodes of the new show for this season.

With these mixed messages, fans of the show can take both bits of news however they want to. On one hand, letting Johannessen go from the show can be interpreted as a holy-water cocktail for the undead show. On the other hand, why on Earth would CBS order four more episodes if it was only going to cancel it a few months later?

The show has undergone several changes and survived them far. In addition to an early casting overhaul, the previous showrunner, David Greenwalt, left the project last July for health reasons, at which point Johannessen stepped in. But even with a few switch-a-roos at the top of the chain, several core members of the show remain. Moonlight was created by Ron Koslow and Trevor Munson, who (as far as we know) are still on board the series.

Perhaps the show is almost as immortal as its lead character? Moonlight fans, keep your fingers crossed (just not in the shape of a cross).

Moonlight returns to CBS for four all-new episodes beginning April 11. For more on the show, check out's previous coverage or check out what star Sophia Myles recently had to say about her role on the program.

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