True Blood: Finally, a Season 5 Trailer With All-New Footage! (VIDEO)

You guys, this hot new True Blood trailer is jam-packed with quickly cut new episodic footage. Watch it immediately! Then we'll talk about it.

This first extended look at Season 5 discreetly avoids any Tara reveals but seems to hint at a season geared toward inner-vampire political turmoil, as well as the human world growing even less tolerant of supernatural neighbors. It looks like things are about to get much heavier with regard to inner-vampire struggles: Christopher Meloni 's character seizing power within the Authority, Russell waging war against the Authority, our favorite undeads Eric and Bill having to balance evading the Authority AND Russell Cray-Cray "Spinal Tap" Edgington.

I did kind of laugh/gasp at the idea of the humans rising up against the vampires. With the current logic of the world in place you might as well warn that a lawn of grass will rise up against a lawn mower. Although there is the fact True Blood's vampires can't daywalk—which, I will always contend, keeps the logic of this world far more feasible and the human-vampire co-existence more realistic than any of the other vampire franchises currently going.

Also, it seems like Sookie hooks up in the Biblical Sense with Alcide (hope he's cool with her killing Debbie) and gets investigated for Debbie's murder. Jason Stackhouse, it would seem, is still getting freaky with Jessica, who is killing it in lingerie (is she taking Pam's place at Fangtasia while Pam redecorates her house with those luscious lace sheets?). And Jésus's demon possesses someone! I'm looking forward to a lot of him hanging out in ghost-form with Lafayette, mostly because I love actor Kevin Alejandro so much.

Do I also sense some kind of witchy vibe with the one vampiress/witch hybrid throwing her arms back? Can't deal with anymore maenads, so this had better be a witch. (Book readers: Is this Sookie's rich-witch roommate? Are we heading for New Orleans at long last?)

Be sure you go back and watch this multiple times so you can really appreciate Erik in that bowler hat. Too Victor-Victoria sexy for words. Then hit the comments and fill me in on your predictions for Season 5 based on this super-tantalizing trailer!

True Blood returns for Season 5 on Sunday, June 10 at 9pm on HBO.

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