True Blood Finds Its Alpha Werewolf

...True Blood just keeps on casting people. The biggest third-season role to date has just been filled, with a meat-jawed young actor named Joe Manganello snagging the role of werewolf Alcide. That name sort of sounds like a cleaning product, doesn't it? "When you can't get the smell of werewolf pee out of your carpet: Alcide. Arrrrooo!" Oh, and a guy with the jug-blowin' name of Cooper Huckabee has been cast as Sam's dad. So we're basically meeting his whole family next season. Should be interesting. What a fun show. [THR]

...HBO has set a premiere date for the second season of its animated comedy The Life and Times of Tim, a strangely vulgar cartoon about awkward situations. It'll air on Friday nights right after the new animated Ricky Gervais Show, so it'll be some kinda intellectual boy-humor cartoon comedy hour. Hipster ladies: prowling for men at the Turkey's Nest on a Friday night? Well, sorry. All your potential mates are with their friend Jonah, you know that one dude who actually pays for cable or whatever, at his apartment, watching cartoons. [Variety]

...Actress Jenny Wade, from Reaper, has been cast in that Colin Hanks/Bradley Whitford pilot Jack and Dan. And in other pilot casting news, our very own Major Dad, Gerald McRaney, is the first person to join the cast of J.J. Abrams' new spy show, Undercovers. He'll play the boss of a married pair of spies. Hopefully Sgt. Gunny will at least make a cameo. [THR, THR]

...Aw. Beloved (especially by you crazy people) cartoon series SpongeBob SquarePants has been renewed for an 8th season, with Nickelodeon ordering 26 more episodes. Forget the pineapple. At this point ol' SpongeBob must have enough shekels to live in a whole fruit basket under the sea. Or a Carmen Miranda hat under the sea! [Variety]

...Ha. That CW show that's coming up, the buzzed-about one called Life UneXpected? Well they've gotten rid of that uppercase X. Because it looked silly and because it was creating too much confusion with the David Cronenberg film eXistenZ. I hear that their plots are actually very similar. Though, uh, I may have heard wrong. [Variety]

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