True Blood: Your Official Bingo Card for the Season 6 Premiere Is Now Available

Summer is back, and that means the return of all things hot: skintight denim cutoffs, water park fence-hopping, midriff tops, True Blood, and of course True Blood BINGO!
Printer's ink may cost a King's Ransom but you have to agree that this Bingo card I've compiled for you is worth every penny. Run off a few copies to have on hand this weekend as you settle in the show's Season 6 return to our homes, screens, and dreams. (Or just lay a clear baking pan over your iPad/Nook/tablet/flickflack click Surface device/mini iPad/Samsung Galaxy). The new season may be coming back short one Ball, but come Sunday night, I'm confident that we'll see some of the items on the card 'round the old shadowy swamps of HBO's Bon Temps. So when you see the people, phrases, or ideas represented on the card pop up in the actual premiere, cover the corresponding square with a penny or button on your printed card/suitably protected tech device. "But if our cards are all the same, won't we all get bingo?" It's all about who can pop out their fangs the quickest, guys! The more creatively you interpret each square, the better your chances; the first person to notice five in a row wins. And if you want to get really wild and crazy, you can also sip an adult beverage, a.k.a. YooHoo.

Click the image to open a larger version in a new tab/window.


... What True Blood drinking game rule would kill every player within one episode? (Like, take a shot every time you see pleather.)


... Do you use a fancy flat tablet kinda device or are you holding out for a holographic version?

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