True Blood's Lafayette Gets a Boyfriend

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... Sorry fellas, Bon Temps hottest gay bachelor is settling down! Actor Kevin Alejandro, last seen in Southland, has been cast as Lafayette's new man in the third season of True Blood. Given the show's penchant for ridiculously ridiculous twists and turns, we're guessing Alejandro is actually an Earth Elemental or a space pirate from the planet Nebulor 7. Or he could be Jesus, since that's his name. [EW]

... This qualifies as not-sure-if-I-want news: Adam Carolla is returning to television. The former radio personality who gave sex advice to pimply Cure fans will star in an untitled NBC comedy pilot with a plot that sounds like it was taken off a dart board: a contractor tries to fix his life after divorce. Carolla can actually be funny, but he can also be Man Show. Hey Adam, whatever happened to that horrible idea to remake Top Gear for the U.S.? [Variety]

... Forehead McGee James Van Der Beek is returning to television, so watch out ladies! The former Vampire Diaries-minus-vampires Dawson Creek star shall now be referred to as Dr. Forehead McGee because he's joining NBC's Mercy as a womanizing doc. Oh, and he's hiding a "dark secret." In his forehead. I kid, James, I kid! In other news, Mercy is still on? [THR]

... Detroit is getting that image makeover it so badly needs. ABC has picked up a new show set in the troubled city that will hopefully make people realize that it is more than just a metropolis with 50-percent unemployment, empty auto plants, and sinking housing values. The show is titled 187 Detroit and... wait, what? 187 is the police code for murder? Oh, never mind. [Variety]

... You've seen blue cat people in 3D, now get prepared to see Scott Van Pelt in 3D. ESPN and Discovery Channel have both announced that they will be launching the first 3D channels, with the jock channel targeting this summer and the science-y nerds aiming for a 2011 launch. To see the eye-popping technology, you'll have to wear those stupid glasses AND have a 3D-ready TV, which means will be seeing a hefty expense report from me soon. It's for journalistic integrity, I swear! [THR]

... Need another Lost photo to pick over with a fine-toothed jungle comb even though there is nothing really special about it but because you are so obsessed with the show you think every little Lost thing has 15 hidden meanings that will unlock the secrets of the island? Here you go! [The Live Feed]

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