True Blood's Latest Season 5 Trailer: Welcome Back, Russell (VIDEO)

The fifth season of True Blood is less than two weeks away, and HBO would like to remind you of that with this new trailer, which debuted over the weekend. There's still no word on whether Tara made it out of the Season 4 finale alive, but someone else is back from the dead!

Yep, Season 5 will see the return of Russell Edgington (played fantastically by Denis O'Hare), the super bad dude from Season 3 who was buried in cement because he's bad and stuff! Somehow he escaped his concrete coffin and is ready to get some payback on Sookie.

I kind of got lost on True Blood sometime around Sookie ending up in a fairy world with fireball-throwing backup dancers, but as is the case with all True Blood trailers, this one makes the series look good. Ugh. I guess I have to catch up on Season 4 now, unless you all tell me otherwise

True Blood's fifth season debuts June 10 at 9pm on HBO.

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