True Blood's New Season 6 Trailer: "No One Lives Forever" (VIDEO)

Humans, amirite? Those jerks just will not give us vampires, werewolves, and wereturtles a break! And it appears the assault will continue when True Blood returns in June, because the not-so-supernatural are "biting back" after the events of Season 5 (probably because they're jealous of all the monster abs). 

HBO has released its first long look at Season 6 with a new trailer, and in it you'll see all the True Blood hallmarks: blood tears, Alexander Skaarsgard and Joe Mangienello without their shirts on, and lots of skinny chicks in bras. But most importantly, you'll see my boo Deborah Ann Woll. Take a look!

I jumped off the True Blood crazy train after Season 3, but it looks like Season 6 will feature more of the same winning formula that produces the show's signature TV candy. Will you be watching?

True Blood Season 6 premieres June 16 at 9pm on HBO.

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