Turner cuts 50 from staff at Court TV

Turner Broadcasting slashed 50 jobs at its newly acquired Court TV cable channel on Tuesday.

Pink slips were handed out to staffers in finance, accounting, affiliate sales, and public relations. Many of the terminated employees will stay on through summer's end. Some were offered jobs in Turner headquarters in Atlanta but declined.

"As anticipated, in the course of integrating Court TV business operations into the Turner Broadcasting organization, we have identified some job redundancies in areas that overlap with existing Turner infrastructure," Turner Broadcasting said.

With more than 400 employees, Court TV became a wholly owned subsidiary of Time Warner when the company bought out part owner Liberty Media Corp. last month.

Additional rounds of layoffs are expected to claim more posts during the next few months in other departments where Turner and Court TV share services, including advertising sales, research, and legal.

Programming and marketing are expected to remain unscathed.