Turner goes Super Deluxe

Turner Broadcasting announced today it will launch a free, ad-supported broadband site by the name of Super Deluxe. Launching in January 2007, Deluxe will showcase originally produced comedy and interactive online-community tools.

The company will offer Super Deluxe content online, as well as on video on-demand and wireless devices.

"Super Deluxe's...combination of original content and extensive online community tools will make it an ideal destination for young adults eager for this type of material in a dynamic interactive environment," said Mark Lazarus, president of Turner Entertainment Group, in a statement.

Super Deluxe will feature comedy from well-known and unknown comedians, as well as blogs and spaces to promote upcoming performances. Deluxe original programming will include short films, sketches, and episodic series.

The community tools will let users create their own profiles, rate and share content, and more. Turner sister network's Cartoon Network shows such as Class of 3000 also may make it to the site.

Super Deluxe's senior vice president Drew Reifenberger says he wants the site to deliver "television-quality programming."

"Today, the online comedy experience is largely comprised of random clips and homemade movies contained within a generic experience," he said. "Super Deluxe...will deliver an experience more akin to watching your favorite TV show with friends--hanging out and sharing a laugh."

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I love webtoons [online cartoons]. This IS a myspace/short film site, right?
This is a huge step in the next direction of new media. They're taking the success of things like youtube and myspace and integrating it into a online television network. This is a visionary move that is trying to control the next step or phase of television, film and other media. Bold step and I like it. If this takes off it scares me how many jobs can be lost from movie rental & cd stores to television networks and cable companies.
hmm...I don't know about this. Sounds pretty cool though.

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