Commenter Shout-Outs: Your Recent Thoughts on American Horror Story, the Golden Globes, and's New Look

It’s that time of the week: Commenter Shout-Outs, where we return to the power to the people! Or, the power to the commenters. This week, you gazed into American Horror Story’s future, you griped about the Golden Globes, and you offered constructive (ahem) feedback regarding our new look!

It’s been too long since we checked in with the goings-on at American Horror Story’s Murder House, where this week a very messy natural birthing was underway. Gross! But with the season drawing to a close, we all have questions as to what the future holds for this unique, crazy show.

SebastienShe thinks the show should call it quits after two seasons:

Great review one more time. The unpredictability is exactly why this show is great. This house is so weird that almost anything can happen, so every week you can't wait to see what's new.

For Season 2 , I think it can be really good if they find a way to make it consistent and still full of surprises, but what about more seasons ...

I watched a show a few years back, called Life on Mars, an English show, two seasons of eight episodes each, and the creator decided to stop it on top, because he thought that making more episodes would be bad in terms of quality. The show was great, memorable, intense, and a great finale !!!

I think American Horror Story may be that kind of show, maybe two great seasons and a great finale would be better than three or four seasons and being canceled because people get bored of it.

legersem wants to see the show go in a different direction next year:

I wholeheartedly support the choice to make an entirely new story for next season. I don't think the house itself needs to be entirely wrapped up: It'll just be a dangling item left over. But one of the things that intrigued me about this show was that Ryan Murphy said that each season would be separate from the others. I honestly can't see this story lasting much longer than this and it would give the show greater longevity if Ryan Murphy created more stories within this world. As long as he peppers in some references to previous seasons to keep us fans sated, I think this plan would work best.

The Golden Globes are more than an excuse to have Ricky Gervais insult famous people on live TV (though that’s a justification right there). They are also a meaningless awards show! But since they've Homeland a hell of a lot of love in the form of several nominations, we have to give them at least a little credit. You guys had plenty of opinions about this year’s other nominees.

Janter23 thinks Ryan Murphy might be in cahoots with the Hollywood Foreign Press Association:

I don't think I believe in awards shows anymore. Glee gets a slot in Best Comedy (which as you said isn't even a comedy) over Parks and Rec's third and fourth seasons and Community continues to be disrespected. Worse things could have happened, though, Whitney and 2 Broke Girls could have earned nods (*knock on wood*).

Sometimes I wonder if Ryan Murphy is bribing award voters to get his shows nominated over the more deserving of the bunch. Oh well, at least Amy Poehler was nominated for Best Actress, so GG voters, vote Leslie Knope 2012!

And the combination of supporting actors categories from two different genres (comedy and drama) as well as two different formats (TV series and miniseries/TV movies) just smacks of laziness, indecisiveness and/or time constraints.

TheBam711 thinks the Globes are missing a few key categories:

Once again...they need to make a dramedy section. It won't be fair to have a dramedy compete with a drama or a comedy. If it's competing with a drama, it will lose. If it's competing with a comedy, it will win. Why can't they add that section when video game awards have awards for mostly all genres? There is Enlightened, Parenthood, Shameless, Switched at Birth, Glee, Weeds, The Big C, Californication, White Collar, etc.

Also, add a Sci-Fi/Fantasy section. There is enough strong ones to compete with each other. You got Game of Thrones, Fringe, The Walking Dead, American Horror Story, The Vampire Diaries, Once Upon a Time, Supernatural, Alphas, The Secret Circle, etc. to compete with each other.

JustinJohnson9 says Parks and Recreation deserved a nomination for Best Comedy:

I appreciate the nod for Amy Poehler, but what about Parks and Rec for best comedy. I mean Glee, seriously?! Replace Glee with Parks and Rec and that category looks so much better.

*Insanely Maniacal Laughter* followed by *A Look of Abject Terror*

Commenting all-star Arch_Angel88Arch_Angel88 dropped this gem:

I simultaneously feel like Walter and Skylar at the end of "Crawl Space." I think the Globes just created a brand new deadly sin. Wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy, gluttony, and not nominating Breaking Bad. God have mercy on their souls.

Onto less evil news—Homeland received a few nominations! It has arguably been the best new show of the fall season. Claire Danes has been scary good (literally‚ see Tim's last review). And Damian Lewis is absolutely deserving as well. I'm not sure if this will be enough to absolve their sins, but it's a start.

Lastly, if Glee wins Best Comedy again, I will forever lose my respect for the Golden Globes... hahaha! Just kidding. I've never had any respect for the Globes.

Finally, you may have noticed things look a little different around here. That’s right! finally got an appointment with a top Beverly Hills plastic surgeon and had everything redone. Don’t we look fabulous? We asked you to weigh in with feedback.

Hate it! Bring back the old one asap!

Dont like it at all. Bring back the old one.

Awful. I can't find anything. Is there a link to switch to "classic view" ?

omg i hate it so much everything about it is just terrible and im not even kidding

Wow. Really? That bad, guys? How about suggesting some areas for improvement?

MisfitChicks offered these ideas:

First. There needs to be a way to tone "down" the brightness for some readers. At least you didn't pull an idiot move like a dark background with light font. That said, perhaps putting different color sections up, might help in the navigation department. Like you do with your "most-commented posts" section that is off to the right here. A section like that, only with all the new stories up on it would be most helpful.

Another thing. While I applaud the efforts to make sharing on FB easier, there should be a way for those of us who do not want to do that to opt out of seeing the button. I am not a teenager who must have every little thing I read and check out seen on FB. I will give you credit for not putting that (set up for sharing) button anywhere near the submit button. That was smart.

Hope that was constructive enough feedback. I don't mind the new look. It's just a change, and everyone has their own way of dealing with that. I will adjust to it over time. As will, I suspect, everyone else. As long as some of their ideas are heard, perhaps even incorporated. It will make them believe someone is listening.

EllyAndrea thinks the new pages are harder to navigate:

My only complaint is that it is too hard to find news stories (as it was before, it's even harder now). I don't come to to find out what to watch, I come to find your (the writers) opinions. Now it seems just too generic.

marmall isn’t a fan of the layout, but loves the writing... so thanks for that!

Booo!! The blue and font makes me think "Twitter knock-off." has the BEST news articles about shows, I always go the day after a good show is on and check over and over again for my favorite articles about AHS, Dexter, etc. Now the homepage is blah and no banner with top articles, all about watching shows online, I have to go to the News link on top and then it feels way more like it used to. This site has great writing, why take the focus away from that???????

Hold on! Someone actually likes it! Take it away, Faithin1 :

Am I seriously one of the only ones who likes the new look? I don't love the blue, or lack of backgroud (yes, it is really bright!!!) but I still like navigating, and all the articles on the main pages and how everything is set up. Sure, there are some glitches (I haven't been able to rate things or like them or edit things, and some recaps have sent me to a "link does not exist" page, but I am sure once that is all worked out, I will love it even more. I am sure there is more to the look than just the "look" and after some getting used to, I think it will be so much better than the old way.

Thanks for the comments everyone! Enjoy the final TV-watching days of 2011!

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Dec 20, 2011
The only problem I have with the layout is that there is too much of everything and the use of images/big images takes up space. Make the text a bit smaller too. Other then that, I'm pretty fine with the look.

- I don't see anyone carrying about "What's on Twitter." It doesn't even link to Twitter. Get rid of it or add a "Follow" section in the navigation area of the show's page and put Facebook/Twitter/etc for those who want to follow the shows.

- Get rid of either "What's on Tonight" or TV Listings. It's basically the same thing. Also, you should put the critically acclaimed/talked about shows/fan favorites. (No reality stuff)

- I don't see anyone scrolling all the way down to "Trending" or "Most Discussed Episodes." Top 10 Shows/Most Popular shows is already enough and simple.

- "What to Watch Online" should just be put on the show's page on the navigation area. (Tbh, I don't think people click on that either. They just type in Hulu/Netflix or go to some illegal streaming/torrent site to watch the shows. If you put a google search engine tool on your website, people would still type in on their address bar. It just takes up space)

- "Popular Forum Topics" doesn't need to be on the home page..should only be put on a forum page or show page.

- Keep and make "Latest Episode Reviews/Renewals and Cancellations" smaller in size. Actually, make most of the stuff on the site a bit smaller in size. Size takes up space.

- Keep " writter's" It's actually useful. I used to have to go to an article by Tim/Price and click on the link to their name to read their other articles. Now..I don't have to.

- Give us the option to hide/remove sections.

Think about the composition/placement of stuff and what feels right where.
Dec 20, 2011
I think the layout is too bright like everyone else. But I've also noticed something that HAS to be you guys messing up somehow.

In the "Most Discussed Episodes" section, all the shows have way more episodes than they should for some reason. The new episode of Dexter for example is episode 322, which, for a show that has lasted 6 seasons with 12-episode seasons each time, is obviously wrong.
Dec 20, 2011
I don't care for the new layout for reasons that have been said a million times before. Too bright, too cluttered, too much of everything, stuff harder to find. If you could just do one thing for us. Give us a hide button for sections we don't care for. If you could do that, i'll get over the new change. Thank you!
Dec 19, 2011
I actually kinda like it. Took awhile to get used to it, but I still find everything I want. Woop!
Dec 19, 2011
I say bring back the layout before CBS took over. Back then, I used be on here everyday blogging, updating show/person pages etc. Now, I've just come here to see what shows have been renewed/cancelled and for reading some staff blogs.
Dec 19, 2011
SebastienShe, I completely agree with you. A short series with a proper ending, is always much better than continuing a series for 7-8 seasons while the quality just drops. Ashes to Ashes, the follow-up series to Life on Mars, did the same thing. It stopped after three seasons (8 episodes each) to give the show a proper ending, because the creator felt the story had been told at that point.

I'm a little amazed by how many people complain about the new layout. Is your tolerance for change that low? Yes it's different, everything is always different after a change. I was a little taken aback too by the change too, and a little annoyed by some details, but I feel it's up to me to adapt. It's not like this layout change is the end of the world. Judging by these comments, it feels like there is no way could have done this change without upsetting people. Any change what so ever would have been condemned. It took a few days to get used to, but now I have no problems navigating the new site. There are still a few technical hiccups to take care of, but I'm sure the moderators will deal with them in the near future.
Dec 19, 2011
going to have to echo everybody else about new layout, if it was just a new style and everything was still close to how it was then it'd be fine but it's so hard to find things now
Dec 19, 2011
New layout really sucks. Please consider bringing the old one back. I'm not a person who like changes that much but I usually adapt in a couple of days. I'm visiting less and less because the damn's just hard to find anything and it frustrates me.

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