Commenter Shout-Outs: Your Recent Thoughts on Breaking Bad, Jake vs. Vienna, and bi-coastal shows

It’s Friday! I used to like Fridays before Rebecca Black came along. I also used to like the word “situation,” for that matter. Ah, pop culture–you eventually ruin everything. But here’s a great thing about Fridays: It’s Commenter Shout-Outs Day! When you, the feedback patrol, are given the mic. (No freestyling.) Okay, let’s get to them!

Another week, another fantastic episode of Breaking Bad. The best of the season, in fact! Our Tim Surette observed that while some have called this season “slow,” he found it to be just the opposite, calling it “the fastest the show has moved from the perspective of Walt's change.” And many of you felt similarly–that pacing is a non-issue this season:

DavidJackson8 says the flow of Season 4 is consistent with other seasons:

The people who've complained about this season being slow better have made the same complaints in season 1, 2, and even most of season 3. Breaking Bad has always moved slow: the drawn out quiet tension is what they do best -- it's also what makes the brief action scenes so awesome. AMC wants its shows to move slow. Mad Men is slow. The Walking Dead is slow. The Killing is very slow. Rubicon was mind-numbingly slow. If you have a problem with it now, you should've also had a problem with it in previous seasons (especially 1 and 2)... and if that's the case, then maybe you just shouldn't be watching. If you didn't have a problem with it then, then please shut up about it now.

Hungry_Homer111 thinks a deliberate pace is actually a good thing:

I'm not sure if I agree that this was the best episode of the season (I really love "Box Cutter"), but if it's not #1, it's a close #2. And not only that, it has got me thinking that this could easily end up being my favorite season. I do see where the "slow" complaints are coming from, but slow doesn't always equal bad, and in this case it's a brilliant, methodical slow pacing. They've done a great job of handling the characters, their emotions, their developments, and their interactions with the other characters. And it's not that hard to see that they're building things up for something greater (at least in terms of excitement) in the latter half of the season. The Gus vs. Walt/Jesse stand-off is coming along nicely, with new twists that should make things interesting (pitting Jesse against Walt, and putting Mike in a position where he could actually start connecting with Jesse and question his loyalties), making Hank's investment in the Heisenberg case much stronger, as a way to prove his worth to himself after getting shot, and now Skyler finally getting a taste for the man that Walt has become. It all seems to be coming together quite nicely.

Finally Locknah_201 calls the show a "slow burn":

I agree - brilliant episode. I think the people who cannot be patient for the (inevitable) action-packed sequences are not appreciating what it is that makes this show great. I may go as far to say that these people are watching the wrong show if all they care about is getting a thrill off the adrenaline. This isn't "24".

Breaking Bad is a slow burn. One member said it best last week: the drama is meant to keep us off guard when the shit finally hits the fan. Often times, we do not see it coming. It makes it all the more exciting.

A post on the “Coast-to-Coast Kiss of Death” – which noted how transplanting a show to the opposite coast can sometimes be its death knell–mentioned The Ballad of Conan O’Brien.

Commenter Arch_Angel88 who’s occasionally given to flights of fancy, had this entertaining take on the tale:

Ah, The Ballad of Conan O'Brien. It is a tale that will be passed down from generation to generation. It will be told to children as a bedtime fable, and whispered around campfires to ward off the dark. One day the history of this tale will become legend, legend will turn to myth, until the only thing that is remembered will be the story of the flaming-haired giant who was mercilessly usurped by the Habsburg-jawed beast.

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to look at Jay Leno again without thinking of the term “Habsburg-jawed beast.” So congrats, Arch_Angel88. You’ve once again earned a proud spot among the commenting elite.

Finally, the Seventh Circle of Reality Show Hell known as Bachelor Pad inspired our own Lily Sparks to question, as any reasonable human being should, what we as a species have done to deserve Jake and Vienna. But Lily went one further! She gave them a trial-by-recap, analyzing all of the evidence in their conflicting breakup stories. Why? Because their relationship is important! It’s a barometer for the state of the American family, and now it’s nothing but a pile ashes and lies and tears and contempt. I blame gay marriage. (That’s a joke, people who don’t get things.) Anyway, Lily reluctantly had to side, ever-so-slightly, with the lesser of two famewhores: Vienna is a blinding pillar of truth and righteousness. (I’m paraphrasing.) Where were we? Oh, right: comments!

LeeAnnDAlto objects to your honor. And she has compelling, eyewitness evidence:

I hate to say it, but I dont agree with you 100% I do agree that Jake is out for fame, but Vienna is out doing interviews more than I've seen Jake doing interviews, and I've searched too. How do you know Jake didn't try to contact her for the last year?? She is stubborn and is manipulative, I personally think, she is more disturbing than Jake. I knew of her back in the day at UCF. I'm not siding with Jake but I'm sorry Vienna is worse. She's known to twist things and she's honest to an extent, but she does lie esp when its to get attention and to play the victim card.

chas031 repeatedly calls host Chris Harrison “a bobblehead,” which is hilarious to me for some reason. They also call Lily “Sparky.” I’m not sure how she feels about that, but they get points for creative nicknaming.:

Wow!!! Sparky, I admit to not having seen this stinker but I read your review and decided to give it a try. I say again....WOW!!! This has got to be the bottom of a VERY shallow pool of "adult?" singles willing to shame, blame, and be lame for the camera. Should have guessed by who was fav Bobble-head Chris Harrison. I only managed a meager 1 1/2 hrs of the 3 episodes so I won't comment on the relationshipwrecks that formed, reformed, and swarmed over that 1 1/2 hrs of pathetic mirror-checking, camera angle thumbs up and of course "is my hair alright" posing!!! So, let's see if I've at least got the premise. ABC offers up a whopping $250,000 to the last "not-ready-for-primetime"(or any other time) contestant willing to hang over a bed as a pajama-coupled pinatas. Stand in a lineup(not a first for many I guess)with a target painted on their back and be "egged" as the least popular. And the latest...synchronized swimming with a 20 min lesson in speedos and bikinis designed to embarrass. WOW, guess the wait list for this show must be mmmmmm 30 seconds?? Well, at least NOW I understand why Chris Harrison hosts. A good Bobble-head is hard to find. Now, as much as I enjoy your writing and reviews, I really can't promise to finish the season. I ummmm, I have paint drying in the kitchen and have to watch to ensure it dries even, yeah that's it!!!

I, mmmmmm, couldn’t have said it better myself! Thanks, everyone, for your always entertaining feedback. We’ll see you back here next week.

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Aug 27, 2011
I am glad to see one of Arch_Angel88 awesome comments from this past week be featured on here. @Arch_Angel88: You rock man. Keep up the good work.
Aug 27, 2011
Sparky/Slang for live wire. Able to put a spark ino the conversation. Meant only as a merit.

Bobble-head: the yes man of the mindless(or mindless man of YES). Set him up anywhere you like, he still bobbles!!

Anyways, thanks Seth. BTW, there is no "THEY" here. Ahhhh, it's GOOD to be KING!!! Oh, unless you count ALL my personalities....WE accept!!

Aug 27, 2011
Breaking bad rules!!!!!!!