Commenter Shout-Outs: Your Recent Thoughts on CBS's Latest Renewals and Good Shows That Made Bad First Impressions (Including Fringe)

The phrase of the day is... It's time for Commenter Shout-Outs! For those of you who are new to Commenter Shout-Outs, it's a weekly feature where we go through your comments and pick the best ones to spotlight (aren't we thoughtful?).

This week we hear your thoughts on CBS's long list of series renewals and discuss the shows that made a bad impression on you at first, but that you eventually grew to like. Ready? Let's go.

Break open the pinata (or a box of tissues), because CBS made a huge announcement last week that 15 of its shows are coming back—18 if you count the previously renewed How I Met Your Mother, Survivor, and The Big Bang Theory. And as Tim pointed out, "It's actually easier to tell you which shows DIDN'T get orders for another season. So I'm sorry, CSI:NY, CSI:Miami, Unforgettable, A Gifted Man, Rules of Engagement, and Rob. Maybe we'll get some good news later."

Here's what you had to say about the renewals.

Adam_Dicy was in total disbelief over the shows that weren't included in the announcement:

What!!!! Unforgettable didn't get an order for another season, I mean Poppy Montgomery is the reason I watch the show in the first place. The show is awesome and pulling in more ratings then Judging Amy ever did. I hope CBS comes to the realization that this show as well as CSI: NY and CSI: Miami are gold mines and should remain on the air. Also Rob Schneider's new show pretty much dominated even in competition with American Idol which is impressive. Well like the above message says "Maybe we'll get some good news later."

bluemystique is just happy that Person of Interest made the cut:

While I'm happy about The Good Wife, Criminal Minds, NCIS, and H5-0, no surprises there. You don't mess with sure things or the safe zone. No, I'm practically giddy about Person of Interest! It should have been no question that it would get a second season but I would have lost it if I didn't have Jim Caveziel whispering at me every Thursday. Finch makes me chuckle, Fusco is so pathetic he's adorable, and Taraji P. Henson is just awesome. Plus I have a soft spot for Reese's grenade launcher.

SavhCaro was also thrilled by POI's good news:

Person of Interest is THE best show of the year and I'm so glad CBS announced its renewal early....don't think the fans could have waited all the way 'til May! Congrats to cast and crew! Jim Caviezel and Michael Emerson are the new Dynamic Duo!

Moving on, Price cleared his conscience by naming some TV shows that made a bad first impression on him—including True Blood, The Vampire Diaries, and The Mighty Boosh—but that he eventually came to enjoy. Then he asked you to share the shows that made you feel the same way.

ToddMurray mentioned two shows that are quite popular around these parts:

Two shows come to mind: The Big Bang Theory and Sons of Anarchy.

TBBT: I felt like the jokes were really forced, some incredibly obvious, some lame, some poorly timed or executed and when you add the canned studio laugh track on top of it, I felt like it was a colossal fail. I caught an episode toward the end of Season 1 and the writing was much improved, the characters had more depth and the timing (jokes and other) was spot-on. It's probably my favorite comedy now (don't worry, Community still has my heart).

SoA: When it premiered, I thought "Sopranos on motorcycles" and I think I was suffering from Sopranos fatigue at that point. I could not identify with any of the characters. In fact, I loathed them all. About six months ago, my brother told me it was one of his favorite shows and how much better it's gotten each season (except for how Season 4 ended). So I fired up Netflix and gave it another chance. I watched the first 3 seasons in 2 days. Then was able to see season 4 a week or two later. It was totally awesome! I couldn't believe how much I loved it. I'm totally hooked!

RebeccaDemers put in a good word for NCIS:LA:

I confess that my initial dislike of NCIS: LA was because I could not get over the idea of NCIS without Gibbs, Tony, and Ziva. It seemed so weird. I should have known better than to judge a second show like that since I hate Law & Order but enjoy its spin-offs SVU and Criminal Intent... anyways, I wasn't a big fan of Chris O'Donnell and wasn't sure about the whole set-up.

What changed my mind: Sticking with it because my husband enjoyed the banter between Callen and Sam, I found that I started to care about these new people and that they were not meant to imitate the original NCIS team but were simply a different group with different ways of getting the job done. It does feel a bit lighter than the original at times and I find that I really enjoy the interaction between the characters and the loyalty there. I also started to enjoy the twists that the undercover aspect gave the show and I like finding out things about who these agents REALLY are—and Hetty is just awesome.

Like Price, QMargo was also not a fan of The Vampire Diaries at the start, but said one scene in particular changed everything:

Oh gosh, I could not watch a single episode from The Vampire Diaries' Season 1, it looked so ridiculously funny and not serious at all; even knowing Ian Somerholder was in it did not make it any easier for me. I laughed and mocked every single person I knew who watched it. What changed it for me, was when I tuned in by accident literally and saw Season 2's masquerade episode and met ....Katherine. That was reason number one. Then, after Elijah appeared and ripped Trevor's head off with his hand, I got hooked—reason number two. Finally the whole doppelganger theory and arrival of Klaus, not to mention that at 8:59pm each episode ended with a huge cliffhanger—I fell in love with the show!

LizKurtzman spoke up on behalf of Fox's most adorkable new comedy:

New Girl, definitely. The first episode focused too much on how quirky Zooey Deschanel was and I thought that the show was going to be these three guys reacting to how cute and silly she was. I can only take so much of that before I get a toothache. But when I tuned in for a marathon months later, I found that it had found its footing. The three guys, instead of being stereotypes, were hilarious and real and their chemistry with Jess is great.

Phoenix1781 agreed with Price's selections, and offered three more that hooked him/her... eventually:

Wow totally agree with you about True Blood, TVD and SYTYCD. I was totally shocked they were actually good. Other surprises for me ...

1) Fringe – had no plans for ever watching, it looked like an X-files rip-off. So embarrassed I ever thought that of my beloved Fringe!

2) Lost – why on earth would I watch a show that revolved around a premise of people being lost??? Boy was I wrong, their backstories were what kept me coming back.

3) Alias – it just looked like it couldn't live up to expectations. I'm so glad I was wrong!

Glad you mentioned Fringe, Phoenix1781! Turns out many of you loathed it initially but found yourselves enjoying it after a few episodes

DesolaKazeem became an instant fan once the show cut back on the procedural elements:

FRINGE, definitely. I hated it when I started. I still can't bear to watch most of Season 1. But once it reduced its procedural-ness, it became so awwwwwwesome. It's the best TV show.

Hungry_Homer111 was intrigued by the "mythology elements":

Honestly, during the majority of Season 1, I thought it was a very poor X-Files-style show. The only reason I hung on as long as I did was that the mythology elements seemed promising enough, and I really liked Walter's character. As the series progressed in later seasons, it really started to pick up more and more, and it's gotten to the point where it's one of the best shows I watch on TV (behind Breaking Bad). I still think that the case-of-the-week stories are the weakest parts of the show, but they have improved, and I think the writers have gotten better at balancing those stories with the mythology elements. Meanwhile, I love where they've taken the main story, with the parallel universes and all that stuff. I just hope it gets to have a proper ending, without being canceled.

pilouuuu2004 said it was the growth of characters over time that kept him watching:

Fringe. While I didn't dislike the first episodes, I thought they were slow and formulaic. And I didn't think Olivia was a good character. Even Peter I found somewhat annoying! That has changed amazingly since then! Walter has always been amazing though!

skaters182 said his opinion of the show changed after he watched the pilot:

Fringe and Carnivale. I didn't really like the pilot of Fringe that much. It seemed like another procedural cop show with a supernatural twist. But then it got a arc story and that is what got my interest. With Carnivale I watched halfway into the pilot and got really confused and gave up on it but it was mentioned somewhere else and I decided to give it another watch and now I love it.

estella87 gave Fringe another shot after she read our very own Tim Surette's reviews of the show:

Most of the shows I didn't like are shows I've never seen again. But there are a few I kept watching despite the bad first impression. Most notably here is Fringe. I watched the first episode and wasn't captivated by it, I was surfing the internet and was totally distracted and didn't even finish the first episode. A few months (!) later I had nothing better to do and thought, "hell with it, let's give it another shot"—and guess what? I finished the first episode and hated it. And then a couple more months later I came across Tim's reviews and thought "well, that doesn't sound so bad now, does it?" so I went back, watched the pilot yet again and realized that this time I liked it. And then I kept on watching and though it wasn't brilliant or anything, the first season was okay. And now I'm glad, because as it turns out Fringe just kept getting better and is one of my most favorite shows on television right now.

Other shows I didn't like at first include: New Girl (the Zooey hype ruined it for me at first), Community (I had to get used to Jeff), How I Met Your Mother (I watched it rather indifferently waiting for the mother to appear, but once you give up on the idea of Ted ever meeting her it's a quite decent show), Psych, Buffy, Tru Calling, and Without A Trace.

Well, that’s it for this go-round, everyone! Shout-Out recipients, enjoy your shiny stars. Everyone else—keep watching, and keep talking!

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Jul 25, 2012
I LOVE Vampire Diaries. It was okay at the start but now it's SO good and everything is mixed up together to make it amazing and original. I LOVE Elija and Klause and Rebekah. I am actually really sad that Katherine's barely in it anymore. Also New Girl!!!! I actually never hated it. I loved EVERY single episode and have watched it a million times.

I still need to watch some of Fringe as I'm somewhere at the start of season 2. I LOVE ALL OF THE HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER EPISODES!!! I think it's an awesome show!

And remember: The Angels Have The Phone Box

Mar 23, 2012
Save Fringe. Fringe deserve to be in this universe. I love Fringe <3333
Mar 22, 2012
what, no comments abour Surette and his"Justified has the best dialogue in all of TV Land?"

What a f&&&&&& joke!