Commenter Shout-Outs: Your Recent Thoughts on Falling in Love with Community, the Shows You Watch with Your Family, and the Sci-Fi You Want to See on TV

It’s been an eventful week at, and what better way to cap things off than with Commenter Shout-Outs, where we highlight the smartest and funniest observations made by you, our illustrious readership. This week we reminisce over your favorite family time shows, we search your hearts for your fondest Community memories, and we probe your psyches for thoughts on the kind of sci-fi you’d love to watch. Let’s get right to it!

Price asked what TV shows you watched growing up that brought your family closer together. Think of it as therapy. Here’s what you said:

Icesumly2 realized he can trace his entire family history through shows he cherished and shared with his kin::

Great topic! I've never really thought about it, but I do have some great family memories involving TV shows.

When I was growing up it was Star Trek: Next Generation (and later also Voyager and Enterprise). At one point my parents (finally) allowed me to stay up late for The X-Files. Now I have the opening tune as my ringtone for when they call me.

My mother used to work late, so around dinnertime me and my dad always watched New York Undercover together.

Later (when I had already moved out) we had a huge Battlestar Galactica marathon around the Christmas break.

Now, whenever I'm home we watch a few episodes of Fringe. I bought the DVDs of S2 and S3 for them, because the airing schedule in my country is even worse than it is in the US, and I wanted to share it with them! And my dad and me have a new show together, Breaking Bad. I've already seen all episodes, but now that they are showing it on TV here I'm watching it again... and talking on the phone with my dad about it afterwards!

AnoukvdZee and her family share a love for all things Joss Whedon:

When I was little, my mother watched soap operas, so I did as well. Now, we watch crime shows together. Usually our tastes in TV don't overlap, but crime I can enjoy and my mother really loves me watching it with her. My brother and I share multiple series together, so we usually go on to each other about the ins and outs of a certain show.

The shows my mother, brother and I always watched together were Joss Whedon shows -- Buffy, Angel, and Firefly. And we forced my brother into Charmed, because it came paired with B&A; ;)

Witchbalde spoke my language, naming many of the shows I watched with my own family growing up:

Great question! Brings a lot of memories! When I was a kid, we were watching many series as a family: Dukes of Hazard, C.H.I.P.S., Charlie's Angels, Magnum P.I., Love Boat, Incredible Hulk, Little House on the Prairie, The Bionic Woman, Three's Company, Diff'rent Strokes, Gilligan's Island, Matt Houston, Baywatch, MacGyver, etc.

Later, we gathered around The X-Files. Today, the only shows we ALL watch are Modern Family and Criminal Minds.

Finally, coutterhill offered these recollections:

As a kid, Roseanne, Twin Peaks, The Cosby Show, anything on the TGIF lineup like Full House and Family Matters. I used to watch Mystery Science Theater and Kids in the Hall with my mom; we lived overseas so we would watch Saturday Night Live on Sunday morning together. I would Quantum Leap with dad. Today, with the kids we watch The Simpsons. The only shows my husband and I can agree on to watch together are American Idol and 30 Rock.

We had a little fun this week naming four sci-fi subgenres we’d love to commit to on a weekly basis. And you guys had plenty of suggestions, too.

ben45tpy wants to see a massive, sci-fi subgenre sandwich:

Do I have to draw the obvious conclusion? Clearly the best show of this type would be one that combines all four subgenres into a MEGA subgenre. So in a dystopian steampunk world, with new weird elements pushing the dystopia to ever greater heights, there is a dream of a better world where electricity existed and the brutal realities of the day would be reduced to imaginative posts on internet websites.

Daniel-Jackson wants to see an old-fashioned space opera:

Space opera again. There's so much mystery/semi-sci-fi out there. What I would like to see is not a new subgenre but a revival of the most hard-core sci-fi there is, the space opera. Like a new Star Trek show. Where's DS9 2.0?

JT_Kirk echoed that sentiment:

I cannot remember a previous time in my 36 years on this planet where there hasn't been a space-based sci-fi show on TV or in the works. Hell, we have an entire channel that claims to be devoted to science fiction and they have no space show... to be fair, they have no science-fiction shows at all on SyFy. But something which can make a good comment on where humanity is going, and the pitfalls of getting there, that's what I'd like to see.

And once more for good measure, Darkreaper20 asked, “Where’s the space?!” Though he/she did so with style. See for yourself:

Erm clearly you forgot about space! Wheres the space..
Starship combat, hidious aliens, brave "cosmonauts" :P making sweet love to green women.. where are all the good times.
It could be dirty as what i call space western -- Firefly or Trigun (anime)
It could be technology based -- like the last Star Trek movie, BSG

I would love to see a new TV show in a Star Trek/Star Wars universe, perhaps some stranded ship making its way through unknown sectors, like ST Voyager (which was the best series).

Or maybe a lovable band of misfits making their way in this crazy universe in an old flying "piece of junk" that just won't give up, doing all sorts of dangerous missions for precious credits :)

Oh another idea -- make a TV series for Mass Effect gaming series.. that would be awesome :D

Yeah! What Darkreaper20 said!

Finally, a certain writer wrote a love letter to his favorite (temporarily?!) shelved sitcom of all time. Tim asked you to recall the precise moment you fell hopelessly, head-over-heels in love with Community. Here’s what you said:

dannyontv listed all the ways he loves the show, sonnet-style:

I watched Comedy Central Presents: Donald Glover and loved it. I knew I had to watch Community after I found out he was a part of it. There was never only one moment that made me want to keep watching; it was the fact that they could make me laugh every episode. Not just laugh, but feel, too. I love everything about it: Jeff's speeches, Abed's TV/movie references, Troy's outrageous personality, stop-motion Christmas, zombie apocalypse on Halloween, clip show with clips we've never seen before, the bottle episode, alternate timelines, Pierce's offensive comments, Dean this and Dean that, Britta and Annie, Shirley's cheery attitude, Troy and Abed in the MORN-ing! and of course the paintball wars. I will ALWAYS love Community, the show of shows.

For CindyWellingt, it was love at first sight:

I was infatuated at first sight. There was just something that spoke to me in the simple cleverness of the exchange in the promos between John Oliver and Joel McHale. "I thought you had a Bachelor's from Columbia." "Now I have to get one from America."

That and I just love John Oliver's comedy. Community is the only show I watch on live TV and the only reason I got into watching the rest of the NBC Thursday-night comedies.

The moment I knew it was real love was the Season 1 finale. When they threw the wrench in what had been shaping up to be a typical sitcom will they/won't they, I knew this show wasn't like all the others. It wouldn't become formulaic and settle into a dull routine.

It was the only time I literally jumped off the couch and cheered at a TV show, because it veered away from the obvious and genuinely surprised me by going somewhere I thought it never would.

spklvr found the show through an animated .GIF, of all things!

One summer I was looking for something new to watch, and I saw a .GIF of Annie spraying herself in the face with pepper spray, and I thought, "That looks like something I would like." I was a bit unsure after the first episode, but I had *chough*downloaded*cough* the whole first season, and I watched it through in a night and a bit through the morning. And I loved it. I was sad to realize that at that point there was no Season 2 yet, so I just watched it again.

So I suppose I must attribute my love to Season 1, Episode 20: "The Science of Illusion."

We’ll let CathodeRoy play us out. Take it away, CathodeRoy:

For me to fall in love with a show, it has to have heart. While I recognized Community's brilliance after the first few episodes (the Spanish rap really sealed it), I wasn't in love with it until the claymation Christmas episode. That is now and will be forever one of my favorite Christmas episodes of any show -- ridiculously smart and really sweet. Gets me every time.

And that’s all she wrote, folks! Thanks again for your amazing insights and anecdotes. You make this place an awesome place to hang out.

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Jan 27, 2012
Community!!! I literally watched clips of the show on youtube and then asked for both seasons for christmas...
Jan 17, 2012
I miss Battlestar Galactica so least I've got the DVD's.

Shows like that don't come around often.

I see many people mentioning Twin Peaks - what if David Lynch finally got a pilot accepted again? Mulholland Drive should have been a series, and it would have blown people away!
Jan 16, 2012
In the old days it wasn't about shows that brought families together, it was about the fact that there was only one TV in the house.
Jan 17, 2012
I vividly remember practically wrestling the remote away from my dad during commercial breaks of L.A. Law to turn the station over to ABC for Twin Peaks (after watching the first 6 episodes on a tiny black and white portable). The parents finally realized that the 2 minutes of TP they saw before the ABC commercial break was about 1000% better than what they were watching on NBC, and settled in to watch the rest of the show in the living room. And then Twin Peaks was canceled. :(