Commenter Shout-Outs: Your Recent Thoughts on True Blood, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and the 2011 Emmy Nominations

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"More Sookie and Eric!" cried our own Lily Sparks in her recap of last Sunday's True Blood. No truer words have ever been spoken. In fact, I've had towels embroidered that say "Sookie" and "Eric" and they're hanging in my bathroom right now! But enough about me. What did you guys think about this week's goings-on in Bon Temps?

ArjunaJenning is sick of all the Twilight bashing!

Oh yeah and I'm sick of people that get so offended when this show is compared to Twillight, like its on some higher plane of existence. I mean honestly look at the character Jessica, which in my opinion is a cow-tow to the show Twillight, she was created to fulfill the young-girl-transitioning-to-a-vampire-and-loving-a-human-as-a-dead-person paradigms. Come on, both stories have the "I hear people's thoughts but I can't hear your thoughts," and "let's have all the supers crawl out of the woodwork so we can meet this strange special human girl," and "let's mess around with vampire politics because this is taking place in the modern civilized world." Does True Blood really deserve to be revered and Twillight cast down as trash? I don't really like Twilight (although I think the movies did an exceptional job turning those very disjointed novels into smoothly flowing films), but come on were-panthers? Were-panthers? Really?

Yes. Really.

ChristinaGmit offered this thorough analysis of the show's inherent, Sookiesque problems:

Honestly, this has been True Blood's problem since nearly the beginning of the show, but got especially bad from Season 3 on. The main thing that people are interested in is the vampire storyline and in particular Eric and Sookie. (I mean Sookie IS supposed to be the lead, right? Why does at least equal screen time get spent on every other character?) Most people do like the supporting characters...but as SUPPORTING characters. Most people that I know watch the episodes once and then on subsequent viewings just fast forward to the vampire-involved parts. The writers seriously need to have a checklist for these subplots, at the top of which needs to be listed, "Will this plot have a significant effect on Sookie in the current episode (if not the current episode then at the very least the near future)?" No? "OK, toss it."

Also it wouldn't hurt things if Alan Ball would just get over his obsession with Bill. This is nothing against Stephen Moyer because I think he does a great job, but the male lead (at least if True Blood wants to even stay somewhere in the same universe as following the "spirit" of the books) should be Eric. I know the show and books are very different, but they are supposed to at least be adhering to spirit of them and Eric next to Sookie is by far and away the largest and most important character in them. It's how the actual story is and what most people actually want to see.

By having Sookie continually go back to Bill and even this season have her seemingly be on the verge of forgiving him after all he has done to her, has made her a seriously weak lead character with next to no self respect or pride and that is a huge no-no for a character that the audience is supposed to be pulling for. Buffy for example made a lot of bad decisions and had a lot of people hate her off and on over the years (myself included) but the audience regardless always understood her choices and never actually lost respect for her.

Sorry for the long post, but True Blood is pissing me off that even into Season 4 the show has these major flaws that could be fairly easily fixed. The show is so close to being a "great" show, but never quite seems to get there.

No need to apologize, ChristineGmit! It's considered and informed analysis like this that make the commenters the best around!

The return of Curb Your Enthusiasm was cause for much celebration around HQ, where we put together a Larry David Feud Tracker just to keep track of all the warfare. But not all of you were that impressed with what you saw.

StephanieJo went so far as to accuse Larry of self-plagiarism:

Can Anybody say 'Donna Chang'? Larry is now a tragic figure who should've went off before last season even more so than how he went off with Seinfeld! I used to pride myself in being a 'female Larry David,' but now he's a total desperate embarrassment! He tries so freaking hard, it's so obvious—nothing is natural anymore, so contrived! He has turned into such a moronic, and oddly enough, immodest figure, it's sad. The Susie rant—either they need an improv class or a script! Lawyer's not Jewish—Donna Chang's not Chinese? Get some new material! Also, the way that he treated Regis last week on his show, was deplorable! Jealous of his full head of hair???? I'm glad that he figured out how to use that tampon, because now I'm gonna tell him where I think he should put it!!!

Hmm...Donna Chang from Seinfeld. (Watch the clip here.) We hadn’t thought about her in a while. Perhaps there are some similarities between the two plots—but we love Larry anyway.

Finally, this week’s Emmy nominations—and the names they left out—had many of you crying foul.

Community’s snub was a particularly egregious one, but docspector's theory puts a positive spin on things:

The cast of Community won't get nominated because there's no category for "best ensemble cast" and none of them stands out; they're effectively being punished for being too good a team. But the writing staff getting snubbed IS a snub, big time.

shootingstar609, meanwhile, bemoaned the absence of Fringe—and also questioned whether Modern Family deserved its 18 nominations. Is it really that good?

Very disappointing that Fringe got zero nominations. It's always the best shows that get snubbed. Except for LOST which won Best Drama Series for it's first season, that one shocked the hell of me. Anyways, I don't get what everyone thinks is so great about Modern Family. I am stating a fact, I don't want messages asking me if I even watch the show or trying to tell me what is great about it. I don't care how great a show is, it doesn't deserve 18 nominations. The wealth of Emmys should be spread around!


That’s it for this week, y’all! Thanks for playing. And as always, keep watching, and keep commenting. You just may see your brilliance go un-snubbed right here!

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Jul 16, 2011
The first episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm this season was pretty weak, but then again so were the initial eps last season, and that culminated one of the all-time great CYE episodes ("The Table Read") and a strong second half. I think Season 5 was kind of weak if I remember correctly, then S6 was much better. I've given up on the "should CYE end?" question because everytime I think it should be put to rest it manages to surprise me with amazing episodes.
Jul 16, 2011
The first episode this season of CYE? Prettaaay...Pretaaaay.....good. : )
Jul 16, 2011
I think trueblood are great show and is the best show in tv
Jul 15, 2011
Whoa Steph chill! Larry Co-created Sienfeld. It was based on happenings in Larry David's life. He gets creative freedom on HBO and would like to retell most of the stories the way they should have been told in the first place. Don't have to like the show, but don't start taking crazy pills on us.