Commenter Shout-Outs: Your Recent Thoughts on Work It, the Future of Community, and the Best TV Quotes of 2011

It’s time again for Commenter Shout-Outs, the Egg McMuffin of commenting awards! (Damn, that commercial just seeped right into our heads, didn’t it?) This week was have plenty of commenting goodies for your perusal, including good-ish news about Community, the epic stinker that is Work It, and your suggestions of the best TV quotes of 2011. So let’s get this show on the road!

A ray of sunshine broke through the Community-less void with news from NBC head Bob Greenblatt, who told the Television Critics Association that "I want to dispel any notion that [Community is] just quietly disappearing from the schedule." The show will definitely return next spring. But it’s a fourth season that’s up in the air right now. C'mooooon Greendale!

JeffCall1 thinks the writing is on the wall for Whitney:

I don't get it. Loyal (albeit not huge) following. Critical darling. Continuously winning reader polls (here and at TV Guide). Yet NBC is still hemming and hawing over the fate of this show. The way NBC treats this show is reminiscent of how they treated Scrubs. My prediction? Whitney is out and NBC falls in behind Community. Well, until their next "sure thing" pilot...

JT_Kirk thinks the show's fate -- not to mention that of NBC -- rests on a question of priorities and quality control:

NBC really needs to figure out if they want to foster a great show or dump it in another feeble attempt to find a cheap, popular show. And if it's the latter, they may as well kiss their network goodbye, as you can only circle the drain for so long.

Mate has really thought through NBC's problems, scheduling-wise:

Well Community is on Thursday. So it will be interesting to see how it does against The Big Bang Theory. But for the exec to say that is a cop out. Because 30 Rock is also in a precarious position because this is supposed to be Alec Baldwin's last season. So for me, it seems that they are just sending it there to die. The real issue for me is what the in hell did Whitney due to deserve being switched to an optimum time of wed at 8pm. Going up against a very mediocre show in The Middle. That should be Community's spot and there it would cream The Middle. Gain back its following and flourish.

I have an idea, I am going to watch The Middle on Wednesday, which I don't like because the little kid creeps me out and it really isn't that great of a show. And hope that I add to the creaming of Whitney. I don't have to worry about Are You There, Chelsea?. Because that is going to be taken care of by the juggernaut that is Suburgatory which keeps getting better every week. And seeing the previews, Are You There, Chelsea? is going to SUCK. Chelsea Handler is a good comedian and a great talk show host. But she is wooden as an actress and her jokes are going to fall flat. And Laura Prepon hasn't been good since That 70's Show. And they deserve to be decimated by the competition. As does NBC in general. Why go for cheap, barely there laughs instead of witty, intelligent laughs that Community brings to a very lackluster year of comedies? The cast is deep with talent and bankable future stars in contrast to Whitney, which has a decent comedian who can't act and the rest who are forgettable as characters. And Chelsea which has a good comedian who can't act, an okay actress who isn't going to be able to pull it off, and no one else.

I tell ya what, NBC: Sell the rights to Community to USA or FX or Comedy Central. Where they appreciate good shows. You don't deserve it. You can do a lot for Community; you could change up the time since it is more of an adult-oriented show. Put it on later, put it on in The Office's spot or put it up against Rob at 8:30pm. You could do a lot for it that hasn't even been tried. Speaking of which, The Office is in its last throes or at least it should be. As will be 30 Rock if Alec leaves. You need to be cultivating good shows while you still have the chance. So kiss my arse, Greenblatt.

Now on to Work It, the the cross-dressing sitcom whose premiere was loathed by everyone in the universe.

jaynashvil thinks this show could use a semester at Drag U.:

Our country is swarming with gorgeous drag queens -- and these two Brawny paper towel lumberjacks are the best ABC could come up with? Now THAT -- attractive drag queens -- has potential. HBO, are you reading this?

Faithin1 just doesn’t get it:

I don't understand how two manly men with obvious 5 o'clock shadows pass for women. At least get less manly men. Women aren't that stupid. Well, I haven't been to St. Louis. Maybe the women there are manly. The only way I could see the men passing for women is if all the women cast on the show were men playing women, and then it would be okay. And maybe funnier.

Big_Pecks can’t even tune in for curiosity's sake:

I don't think I can physically watch this show. It hurts to even look at the photos.

chicagorob1 thinks they did it for the insurance money!

I'd be surprised if the atrocity goes beyond two episodes. The two dudes are giant, lantern-jawed macho men. The show is obviously saying women are REALLY stupid to accept these two as their own. There's no place for this show to go. They burned through so many pathetically easy jokes in the first episode there's nothing else for them to do.

This has to be a "burner" show. The creator must have had a contractual obligation to produce something and came up with this garbage, knowing it'll get canned after a couple of episodes.

We’re getting the feeling you hated it. Word.

Now here’s something you actually liked: Your 10 Favorite TV Quotes of 2011. A couple of you had a few more choice lines of dialogue to share.

edge1710 recalled this particularly colorful turn of phrase from Homeland:

“I suck c*ck. And I love it. Yummy, yummy, yummy, yummy.”
- Saudi diplomat on Homeland

coutterhill offered three that others overlooked:

"You killed my faerie godmother!"- Sookie Stackhouse, True Blood

"Something's happening!" - Michael Scott, the Office

"When you play the Game of Thrones, you win or you die." - Cersei Lannister, Game of Thrones

Well, that’s all folks. Welcome to 2012. Let’s make it a record-breaking year for comments!

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Jan 13, 2012
I love community but i think that the show, if it doesn't switch it's time slot, will get murdered by big bang because You can't beat that nerdy crew no matter what.

But there are also factors that this season has failed to reach:

Their Halloween episode this year was okay but could have been as glorious as their last two.

They aren't willing to get serious enough when they need to be. It's been there but only at a distance.

the consistency of the show is flimsy (i.e. Where did chang's storyline go?)

If they were planning one more paint ball storyline it had to be amazingly well written otherwise it would feel like overkill

Other than that miss the Pierce of previous seasons

Jan 12, 2012
I loved the premiere of Work It!!! It's a great show!!!
Jan 10, 2012
Iain Glenn tells Dame Maggie Smith as Violet, in Downton Abbey: "I'm afraid we wont be seing each other any more", her answer: "do you promiss?" LMAO, really cracked me up
Jan 09, 2012
i have grown tired of NBC every good show it has it kills i.e. Heroes, Law and Order : SVU, and Scrubs when will these retards running this place be killed/fired is seriously only a matter of time eventually they are going to cancel a show like heroes or community with a huge following and the pitchforks and torches will come out... seriously NBC get a clue.... :(
Jan 09, 2012
A little late for choice 2011 quotes but one more from Community's Abed: "Some flies are too awesome for the wall." It's funny yet philosophical.

Jan 09, 2012
I watched Work It. I kapt waiting for "Written by: Adam Sandler" so come up on screen.