UK Podcast: V and Generation Kill

Both have received mixed reviews, but are either V or Generation Kill worth tuning in for? We think so.

No television show is capable of pleasing everyone, all of the time--no, not even Doctor Who or Glee--but V and Generation Kill have been on the receiving end of quite a few bad reviews. Some claim V is "generic" and "cheap", while others have claimed that Generation Kill is too "dialogue heavy."

In this week's episode we discuss the pros and cons of both series and look back at this week's TV news. We compare the ratings of Britain's Got Talent to the first Leaders' Debate and discuss what's really going on with Mad Men.

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May 06, 2010
For me i love V and hoping that will be renewed for Generation kill not my type of show so i`m not interested
Apr 24, 2010
Generation Kill? Dialogue heavy? All I can say is, just watch it. It was fabulous. "V" is utterly uninteresting to me...
Apr 23, 2010
V is not worth watching and it is cheap and generic.. don't know about Generation Kill however.

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