's 12 Days of Clips-mas, Day 9: The Golden Girls Discuss Blanche's Lust for Santa

To help you get into the holiday spirit, for the next 12 days, we'll provide you with one classic holiday TV clip. We've scoured through our archives and your comments on our story in which we asked you to name your favorite holiday episodes, and came up with a list of dazzling, heartwarming, and totally weird holiday clips. And instead of sharing the same ol' episodes we've all seen (don't get us wrong, we're totally down with some Festivus and Holiday Armadillo) we erred on the side of strange and obscure to keep things interesting.

Day 9: The Golden Girls

In this clip, Blanche Devereaux has the hots for Santa and is definitely spreading her holiday cheer more than ol' grouchy Dorothy. I recommend watching the rest of this episode—generally a cute story about getting back to the meaning of Christmas—during one of Golden Girls' 47 daily airings. It'll lift your holiday spirits right up.


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Dec 22, 2011
The two Christmas episodes are as classic as the show itself! Too funny!
Dec 21, 2011
It aired yesterday.

I love this show so much!
Dec 20, 2011
The Golden Girls, the show and the characters, were made of awesome.