's Curb Your Enthusiasm Feud (and Food!) Tracker, Week 4: Death, Cabinets, and Emoticons

This week, another enjoyable (if not “Palestinian Chicken”-level classic) episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm saw our disgruntled antihero Larry battling Harry Hamlin for kitchen-storage supremacy, while elsewhere pledging to become the Sir Edmund Hillary of pooping where you eat.


Curb Your Enthusiasm

1. Heidi
Cause: Heidi (Rebecca Creskoff from Hung) is the hostess at Fraiche, Larry’s favorite restaurant. She’s also dating him. The trouble began with a text message to Larry that ended in a smiley-face emoticon (perhaps a little too close to last week’s “LOL” bit). He later asked her not to use those, because it feels like he’s corresponding with a 10-year-old. Heidi was cool with that, but then later borrowed $60 in cash from Larry, which she made no effort to return, angering him. Finally, when Larry refused to offer sympathy for her dead father—who passed away two years prior, thereby exceeding the statute of limitations on expressing condolence—the relationship ended. Heidi got revenge by drawing a happy face into his forehead with suntan lotion. It was later implied that she laced his lunch with laxative, causing Larry to literally poop where he eats.

Resolution: None. These two hate each other. Whether Larry will continue to eat where he pooped remains to be seen.

2. Dr. Rivkin

Causes: Larry used his dermatologist, Dr. Rivkin (Family TiesMichael Gross, looking pretty much the same!) as an excuse for being late for a lunch date with Richard Lewis. Richard went on a rather uncharacteristic rant about how that’s unacceptable, and canceled his appointment with Rivkin, and told his friends to do the same. When this all came out at Antoinette’s father’s funeral, the two had a roadside confrontation about it, which caused Rivkin to miss his opportunity to play "Danny Boy" at the burial—something he had been looking forward to.

Resolution: Larry agreed to submit to one of Rivkin’s full-body dermatology checkups (“except the penis”).

Curb Your Enthusiasm

3. Antoinette

Cause: Larry’s business has been upside-down ever since his loyal assistant, Antoinette, starting taking time off to be at her dying father’s bedside. But the father's been hanging on, putting Larry in a tricky situation. He managed to convince her to come in for one day—and that’s the day her father ended up dying. Later, he showed up at the father’s funeral with a happy face burned onto his forehead (he refused to wear a Dodgers hat someone offered him purely out of team loyalty). He later accepted Antoinette’s mother's offer to fill in for her daughter, and liked her so much that he tried to devise a way to fire Antoinette and keep the mother on. Antoinette presumably doesn’t know this yet.

Resolution: Larry will always be the reason she wasn’t with her father when he died, so she will always harbor resentment toward him for that. But she also has a Cheryl-like capability for forgiveness, as all the women in Larry’s life do.


Curb Your Enthusiasm

4. Big Dog

Causes: Dino “Big Dog” (Harry Hamlin) is Larry’s new office neighbor, there to work on a shark show. He introduced himself and casually asked for one of the cabinets in the shared kitchen. This quickly escalated into an all-out kitchen cabinet turf war.

Resolution: None. The episode ended with Dog locking Larry out of the shared kitchen entirely. I presume there will be more of Dog and his Fiji water bottles in future episodes

Curb Your Enthusiasm

3. Hugger and Busybody

Causes: A couple (real-life acting couple Lauren Bowles, of True Blood, and Patrick Fischler, of Mad Men and Lost) got overly excited about a dinner with Jeff and Larry. Jeff bowed out, saying “things aren’t so great” with Susie. That lead the wife to assume the worst and tell Susie that Jeff is cheating on her. Susie confronted Jeff, who was consoling Antoinette’s mom. Hopefully Susie didn’t kill her.

Resolution: This should drive the final wedge between Larry and the couple, who he didn’t really care for anyway.

Breath drops: Larry callously put some on his tongue the second Antoinette revealed that her father had passed away.

Kashi GOLEAN, yeast-free five-pound bread: The “rabbit food” Larry wanted to store in the communal kitchen, which Dog mocked.

Laxative-laced lunch: At episode’s end, Larry suspected that something was put into his meal. He confronted Heidi about it, and she denied everything. But the look on his face in the last seconds suggests he’s about to poop where he eats.

LINE TRACKER (The best lines from this week’s episode.)

“What, are they going to be in newspapers soon? The New York Times: “Unemployment Drops; Smiley Face?”

“‘Things aren’t so great right now.’ Congratulations. That was gorgeous.”

“The bedside’s a little overrated.”

“I’m Dino from Big Dog Productions. You can call me Dog. Everybody calls me Dog.”

“I will be the Edmund Hillary of shitting where you eat.”

"The sorry window has closed."

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Aug 03, 2011
Curb shows the real genius behind the classic "Seinfeld" show
Aug 02, 2011
Love this show! What a great episode! What was in the food anyway?
Aug 02, 2011
This season has undoubtedly been top notch. Completely classic episodes as of late. Love Cheryl Hines, hate to say it, but single Palestinian-shtooping Larry is by far much better than nagged stuck-in-his-marriage Larry. I mean, this guy is a genius! I feel he is genuinely the only celebrity in Hollywood I would ever feel star-struck around if ever did bump into the man.