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MTV's VMAs gamble on Vegas

After multiple years of stumbling ratings, the MTV Video Music Awards are packing up...and going to Las Vegas. The network today announced that the 2007 edition of the awards show will take place at the Palms Casino Resort, the glitzy off-strip hotel known for its celebrity sightings and unusual suites.

The VMAs will also feature a new format, as segments will be filmed all over the hotel--from the aforementioned rooms to the rooftop club and bar. Rather than confine the debauchery to one night, MTV will dedicate an entire weekend to the events around the show. The show itself will only be aired once in its original form, with subsequent showings "programmed by and for the viewers."

The 2007 VMAs will air live on September 9. Participants will be named at a later date.

Actress keeps CSI character alive by not showing up

Jorja Fox may have found the secret to eternal life: don't show up to film a death scene. According to the New York Post, the CSI star has refused to appear on set to film a scene in which her character, Sara Sidle, is killed off.

Fox's absence allegedly stems from a contract dispute. Miffed with demands made by Fox, producers decided to kill off her character in the season finale. However, when it came time for Sidle to expire in a fiery car crash, Fox was reportedly nowhere to be found. As a result, the episode had to rewritten and reshot.

Rosie O'Donnell done fighting

Rosie O'Donnell and Elisabeth Hasselbeck have had their fair share of onscreen spats, but according to "poetry" (yes, you read that right) written on O'Donnell's blog, the feuds may have come to an end. The treaty appears in light of Hasselbeck's Monday announcement that she is pregnant.

On the blog, O'Donnell writes:

"on the view
u have seen my last hasselbeck spat
2 day was it
no more - it's done

there is a new life
there - inside
and in the end -
what else matters"

Rosie is due to leave the show in June.

Esposito to be Espo-single

Former Spin City star Jennifer Esposito and husband Bradley Cooper (Wedding Crashers, Alias) have filed for divorce, says The Web site has scanned divorce papers from the couple, apparently signed in late April.

Esposito cites irreconcilable differences as the reason, and both parties say the decision is mutual, according to TMZ. The two have no children together.

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Jun 07, 2007
those who post hate twards rosie need to take a look at themselves. EH is NOT..she love BUSH!...nuff said and NOT a true american. we all need more people like rosie. WE LOVE YOU ROSIE! keep going!
May 04, 2007
> Anybody else find Rosie's haiku's to be...what's another word for lame?

Well, I guess that's pretty much in keeping with the author of the haiku, innit?

Ya gotta be a loooooong ways from reality when you can't even write a good haiku, I'd point out. And yet there are still unbelievably stupid people who drool every time she opens her ignorant, half-wit mouth. Go figure.
May 04, 2007
I hope they don't kill off Sara, she's pretty cool. Don't go to work untill they change their mind, Fox.
May 03, 2007
May 03, 2007
Anybody else find Rosie's haiku's to be...what's another word for lame?