What to Watch Tonight: The Americans, Pablo Schreiber's Return to SVU, and the Debut of Deadbeat on Hulu

What to watch on Wednesday, April 9...

SERIES PREMIERE, 12am Pacific, Hulu
Tyler Labine stars as a lovable wastrel whose ability to perceive dead people leads him into a series of wacky scrapes and misadventures, as he helps the recently departed complete their earthly agenda. All 10 episodes of the first season go up today.

8pm, ABC Family
Melissa & Joey
Joe plays wingman to help his divorced buddy (Mel’s old Sabrina the Teenage Witch co-star David Lascher) readjust to single life in “Catch & Release,” but it’s Joe who ends up drawing female attention (another of Mel’s old Sabrina the Teenage Witch co-stars, Elisa Donovan). Zander has new ladies in his life as well: His two college roommates, who raise Lennox’s hackles (but neither of whom appear to have co-starred on Sabrina the Teenage Witch).

8:30pm, ABC Family
Baby Daddy
Been plans a doozy of a first birthday party for Emma in “Send in the Clowns.” But while Tucker is organizing the entertainment with gusto, Ben and Danny each stumble upon shocking secrets.

9pm, NBC
Law & Order: SVU
In “Beast’s Obsession,” William Lewis (Pablo Schreiber) busts out of the pokey and goes on a spree—and not the shopping kind, the other kind. Soon he and Benson are squaring off once again, with a child’s life on the line in Lewis's latest sadistic game.

9pm, CBS
Criminal Minds
“What Happens in Mecklinburg…” sends the BAU team to the Memphis area, where a string of kidnappings appear to have a common element. Perhaps spurred by this latest trip, Savannah unloads her frustrations with Morgan’s copious job-related travel.

9pm, The CW
The 100
In the wake of a tragedy close to home, Clarke and Finn try to connect with the Ark—and connect with each other in the process. Elsewhere in “Murphy’s Law,” Bellamy tries to preserve order on Earth, and Abby takes a risk to give Raven a chance to escape.

9pm, PBS
“Inside Animal Minds: Bird Genius” spotlights some of our more intelligent feathered friends, including lock-picking cockatoos and puzzle-solving crows and ravens. Think of it as a chance to better know the species that will soon, inevitably, seize control of the planet from us simpering apes. I for one welcome our new avian overlords.

Your Inner Fish
Paleobiologist Neil Shubin hosts this three-part series, based on his book of the same title, which traces the evolutionary path that has led all the way from the earliest prehistoric life forms to Tommy Wiseau, Justin Bieber, and the person who invented autoplay videos on websites. The opener considers how the first fish to plop itself onto land paved the way for the human form to develop.

10pm, FX
The Americans
In “Arpanet,” Philip strives for access to a revolutionary electronic communications system that the U.S. government is primarily using to watch cute cat videos and write misspelled screeds. In other technological tussles, an FBI polygraph threatens to tighten the vise grip on Nina.

10pm, NBC
Chicago P.D.
Two warring gangs, a bundle of corpses, and the disappearance of several million stolen dollars—just another day on the job for the Intelligence Unit in “Turn the Light Off.” In other business, Platt turns to Ruzek for help.

10pm, CBS
The team is on the trail of a cannibal in “Consumed,” but it turns out they may be after more than one. And if this video evidence is reliable, their quarry may be one of the hottest bands of 1989.

10pm, FXX
In “Afghanistan,” Jim travels to the front lines to entertain the troops—and to put some distance between himself and his parents. Stateside, Billy is hospitalized alongside Jim’s mom.

10pm, TV Land
Hot in Cleveland
After meeting his son and grandson for the first time, Simon helps Joy secure a spot for Wilbur at an A-list preschool. Meanwhile in “Dr. Who,” Melanie and Elka are on the hunt for the ideal physician.

10pm, Comedy Central
A malicious online gamer targets the fellas in “DeputyDong.” It just goes to show what we all know: You can’t trust people who make their living on the internet.

10:30pm, Comedy Central
Vicious pranks, enormous burritos, and besotted rhinos make up just some of the zaniness in “Crossing the Line.”

– Tracy Morgan and Nick Cannon on The Arsenio Hall Show, Syndicated, check local listings
– Andy Garcia, Jenna Elfman, and Ingrid Michaelson on Conan, 11pm, TBS
– Sebastian Stan on Chelsea Lately, 11pm, E!
– Colin Firth on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, 11pm, Comedy Central
– Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg on The Colbert Report, 11:30pm, Comedy Central
– Jennifer Garner, Dave Grohl & Krist Novoselic, and Stevie Nicks on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, 11:35pm, NBC
– Lindsay Lohan, 13-year-old nuclear fusion reactor constructor Jamie Edwards, and Real Estate on Late Show with David Letterman, 11:35pm, CBS
– Kate Upton, Cole Hauser, and Neon Trees on Jimmy Kimmel Live, 11:35pm, ABC
– Denis Leary, Thomas Middleditch, and Fitz and the Tantrums on Late Night with Seth Meyers, 12:35pm, NBC
– Sharon Osbourne and race car driver Tony Kanaan on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, 12:37am, CBS


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I'll probably check out Deadbeat too..
I was about ask about Arrow but it's a repeat tonight.
I'll pass on this week's episode of SVU. I don't like Pablos character and I don't like the chemistry between Benson and Lewis. It's just very uncomfortable and not in a good way. I'm not sure if its because Im a victim of great trauma, but for me it's just milking the story too far.
Also... the series premiere of The Tom and Jerry Show, and Steven Universe.
Trip Tank is the blank listed below.
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