Commenter Shout-Outs (May 12)

Welcome to the very first edition of the Commenter Shout-Outs, in which we comb through a week’s worth of posts to bring you the very most brilliant, hilarious and insightful comments from you, the readership!

Our most controversial article this week was about the massacre over at Fox, with the network gruesomely canceling five series: not just the returning Human Target and Lie to Me, but also frosh offerings Traffic Light, The Chicago Code, and Christian Slater-starrer Breaking In. They were absolutely merciless! And you weren’t pleased.

cmcross hates his or herself for always falling for doomed TV relationships:
“I'm done watching new shows from fox. There's really no point given that if they don't have the success of House or American Idol then they'll get cut before they can catch their stride anyways. Breaking In and Traffic Light were decent shows. I can't imagine what Fox was expecting from them with such a small sample size. The toughest loss (for me) is Lie to Me. Someone must have pissed off an exec at some point considering how much this show was moved around. It didn't have much of a chance to get established. Another good to great show cut by Fox. I hate myself for falling for another show on Fox.”

lcraigmoore is feeling a little bit paranoid about the topic:
“Does anybody here really understand why these networks yank all the good stuff and leave the crappy ones? How do they decide? Personally, I think they evesdrop on my life. If they hear me say I really enjoy a show and can't wait for the next episode, they say, "Let's cancel it!" Seriously. I loved Human Target, it was one of the few that I really looked forward to. It was just beginning to hit it's stride. Lie to Me was really good until the last half of this last season... I realllllly don't understand these network execs, and I reallllly don't agree with their decisions. I wish they would actually poll the public and find out which shows they actually watch.”

Yes, if only there were some way to measure the number of people who are interested in watching a particular TV program! Oh right, there already is: Nielsen ratings. But we feel for your, lcraigmore. We really do. How are we supposed to go on without our weekly dose of the dashing Tim Roth?

Let’s move on to something a lot more upbeat: last week’s episode of Community. Most of you disagreed with our own Tim Surette’s assessment that this season’s paintball episode, “Fistful of Paintballs,” came up a little short next to "Modern Warfare”—widely considered to be the Citizen Kane of Community paintball episodes.

DavidJackson8 took his time in weighing both episodes on their own merits, and offered this considered assessment:
“Part of me feels like this episode was better; I found myself completely entertained throughout. It was as if they took the greatness of ‘Modern Warfare’ and added extra greatness, lol. As soon as the episode was finished, my natural reaction was ‘best episode yet.’ But, yes, as Tim said, ‘Modern Warfare’ came first, and that, in itself, offers something great: unfamiliarity. Sure, ‘Modern Warfare’ came near the end of the first season, so we had already been accustomed to the hilarity and uniqueness of the series as a whole, but I remember not having a clue as to how awesome ‘Modern Warfare’ was going to be—and after watching the episode, it kind of blew my mind. So as great as ‘A Fistful of Paintballs’ was, it wasn't nearly as [big] a surprise as ‘Modern Warfare’ was, because ever since I'd read that they were doing a two-part paintball episode as the season's finale, I immediately assumed it would be awesome, based on how effectively they made ‘Modern Warfare’ (and other themed episodes). It doesn't really make one better or worse than the other; ‘A Fistful of Paintballs’ may actually have been slightly more entertaining, but the element of unfamiliarity and freshness certainly helps ‘Modern Warfare.’

Whew! Got all that? Well, it wasn’t a wall-to-wall Community love fest.

Ethakk complained about the direction some characters have taken this season—particularly Chang, Britta and Pierce:
“I don't really understand this season to be honest. Chang used to be just be a selfish jerk, now he's insane and annoying. Britta used to be kind of a hipster but somewhat normal, now she is an in your face feminist blah blah blah which is even more annoying than what they did to Chang. Pierce used to be likeable but "old fashioned" now he's borderline evil which is fine if that was just some overarching plot point. Annie seems to be insanely girly and "childish" as opposed to trying to be more adultlike than the rest of them. Troy and Abed seem to be the only ones who's characters are the same people. I also hope they don't go too over the top with episodes like the Halloween one next year, while funny....zombies.... As far as this episode I preferred it to ‘Modern Warfare’ except for the John Wu/Chang entrance in ‘Modern Warfare’ lol.”

Finally, we have Glee’s excellent prom episode. We teased it a few days early with a preview listen of the show's take on Rebecca Black’s infamous song, “Friday,” which we thought sounded pretty good as sung by the McKinley boys—but most of you hated it, and wondered why the show would stoop to covering it.

But gjando saw the decision as justified:
"Well the show is set in the current time so why wouldn't they react to and use something recent like this terrible terrible song. I'm interested to see the scenario in which the song is used. Hopefully it's a piss-take!!!"

Everyone thought it would be! But, in an episode where Kurt was crowned Prom Queen, nothing turned out quite as expected. The “Friday” cover had no winking lead-up, no campy take...and was pretty damn fun!

mermayd was brave enough to admit it:
“I found myself humming along to Friday! Need help. And agree—as if the girl playing Quinn has ever been not stunningly beautiful in her life. She clearly has no understanding of what that feels like. I wish Rachel had slapped her right back and told her to not be so selfish. if she doesn't like her options for the future then she should do something about it. That's the glorious thing about being young—you have options.”

That’s it for this week. Thanks, everyone, for reading and responding. We’ll see you here in this spot next week with more Commenter Shout-Outs. Come back to see if your comment was chosen!

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