Commenter Shout-Outs: Your Recent Thoughts on ABC's Summer Schedule, The Secret Circle, and TV's All-Time Best Supporting Characters

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It’s time once again to overturn the mail bag and find the funniest and most brilliant feedback from our always outspoken readership. That’s right! It’s time for another round of Commenter Shout-Outs. This week, we've decided to check in on your most recent discussions of ABC's summer schedule, The Secret Circle, and the best supporting TV characters of all time.

ABC recently announced its summer schedule, and many of you were none too pleased. But the resulting anger sure did unleash the funny in you. Here's what you thought of the network's "a bunch of crap plus Rookie Blue" warm-weather lineup, as well as what you said when we asked which ABC summer show you'd pick if you were stranded on a desert island with only a television that was constantly playing one of them on a loop.

mrfurious00 thinks he could run the ABC ship way better than those high executives:

Wow network TV these days has gotten SO s*****...and I'm not even talking about the disgrace that is reality TV. I mean the utterly poor unoriginal concepts that these people come up with, and convince these networks to waste millions and millions of dollars on! I just do not get it. If I was a network TV exec I'd run these networks better than half of these senseless idiots.

We need more quality! Cable networks know what the hell they are doing, thank Jeebus. AMC, FX, SHO, and HBO are the silver screen's saviors.

bmill2 pointed out that Rookie Blue is a major bright spot:

Rookie Blue is a fantastic show. It's good enough to be a primetime show during the regular TV season but since it is a Canadian-produced show it stays in the summer slot like Flashpoint.

FabianVanDerS had some rather funny things to say while answering the desert-island question:

None, I'd change the TV into a radio and signal for help. Anything seems better then these shows.
(That said, I'll most likely watch series premieres.)

Dudekotka also had an interesting plan:

Out of these choices, I'd pick Wipeout, then just take apart the television, make a boat out of magic, television parts, and wood, get off the island, and watch good TV.

logossun questioned our question right off the bat:

You mean there is electricity on a desert island? Now there's a loophole to escape and find better programming!

There's no denying that the comments on Price's last Secret Circle photo recap were—well, they were really something! Seriously, we were almost forced to do a Secret Circle-specific edition of Shout-Outs! You guys are the best...or at least the craziest. Here's a quick sampling of your answers to the following questions...

1. Who's dem bones?

2. What's better: Happy Adam or Sad Diana?

3. Who's supplying Eben with power?

4. What would be your method of choice for destroying those crystals? A hammer? Plastique? well as your response that pesky exploding demon:

MeftihePhoen was as blown away as the demon itself:

When that dude exploded my mouth literally dropped like some cartoon character. And it stayed there for quite some time. Seriously great night of TV! The best thing about this show by far is the incredible female characters, played by amazing actresses! That's the holy grail of good TV. I'm sorry I barely ever answer your questions because I care so little about the overall plot. Just happy seeing teenagers with magic act like teenagers with magic! So much fun, I really hope this show gets another season !

chiqeegann also liked the demon, but expressed concern over the show's lack of cohesiveness:

The episode was good, but I don't think it was one of their greatest (except for the demon blowing up—that was awesome, jaw-dropping stuff!) It feels like the show is a bit all over the place at the moment. Like what happened to the other Blackwell offspring? We still don't know what the parents are all about. Luv the show and I'll keep watching, but I hope they start to tie things soon instead of throwing more threads out.

About the crystals, I think Blackwell doesn't have his full power, but may still have his black magic. Maybe he also wants the crystals for himself, just like Dawn & Co., to restore his full powers. He's using Cassie and her circle to help him get it. Bet you three crystals will end up with parents and three with Blackwell/Cassie and the Circle (sounds like a band!) and there will be a fight-off in the end. Just my two cents!

And grant... What or who is he, really?! He can't seriously just be a passerby in Chance Harbor? Surely he's got some ulterior motive for trying to get close to Diana?!

Anyhoo, cheerio till next time!

SagaNylund gets a gold star for answering all the questions, and added a few of his own in the process:

1. I think that the bones belong to one of the parents. He/she didn't get killed by the witch hunters, but instead Blackwell sacrificed him/her in order to summon demons. But then again, why would Blackwell take the head? I'm just hoping for some conflict in the next ep if one of the kids finds out that Blackwell killed that person's parent. What would Cassie do then?

2. Happy Adam def. Diana was being unnecessarily mean to Cassie, whose only fault is caring about the circle. But I believe it wasn't just about the circle or the fact that Kangaroo lied to her, it's the whole Adam situation. After all, Cadam started dating days (?) after Dadam broke up. That had to be hard for Diana. (Jeez, all these names... Cadam, Dadam, Jassie etc.)

3. Are we sure that Eben isn't a witch? Anyway, I'm guessing Diana's grandma. Maybe she wants Cassie and Blackwell dead, because of their bloodline.

4. I think that, like Bonnie's amulet, they can't be destroyed by fire. Like in the Lord of the Rings. Try throwing the crystals into Mount Doom.

pcarlos came up with a unique crystal-destruction plan:

The best way to destroy the crystals is ACME style: an anvil dropping 100 meters from an abyss followed by dynamite. Then, we would have a rain of glitter with the crystal dust.

iShivi concentrated on the notion that Blackwell is involved with the witch hunters:

Blackwell being secretly involved with the witch hunters, or in other words, him being the traitor would be a big shock. However, I genuinely don't think he is. If he were, I doubt Eben would have struck him out like he did before the Circle even showed up.

However, if I were Eben and I had just absorbed in a ton of demons inside of me, I may have escaped right then and there as well. Regardless of Blackwell making Samuel explode, I'd want to attack with their backs turned and I'd want to attack when I've got total control and understanding with the demonic worms crawling within me.

I do like that the Circle has jumped onto the wagon of finding the crystals, though. Not only does it bring them closer to finding out about their parents' involvement, but it also speeds up the process with the story about finally getting all those crystals together. I'm really interested in seeing what happens when they are all put together.

CiaraGlynn remains skeptical of Blackwell's involvement with Eben:

It's possible, but that would require the writers having overlooked something massive—first of all, Eben spelled Cassie to kill Blackwell. He couldn't have just assumed the Circle would show up to help. And the dialogue between the two when they were alone, away from the prying ears of any of the Circle? Not the kind of dialogue between two men working with one another. It would be interesting, but too much of what has happened suggests otherwise.

Finally, let's talk about your favorite supporting TV characters of all time.

sleepy-sonic clearly has a thing for vampires:

Caroline - Vampire Diaries

Spike - Buffy

Andy - Weeds

Astrid - Fringe

Katherine - Vampire Diaries

Ronin_Blackwing was disappointed in the lack of support for Castle:

Seriously people, I looked at least 30-40 posts back and not one mention of the support cast of Castle... Personally I think they are all doing a stellar job and each can capture a scene and own it at any given time but my personal favorites would have to be:

1. Alexis - that has to be the single most responsible, mature and sensible teen of all time ... plus she can make Castle squirm like only one other person on that show ...

2. Lanie - pretty much does to Beckett what Alexis does to Castle ...

... which is why I am praying those two put their heads together and come up with some plan (preferably something with a potential for lots of laughs) to fix the current mess our beloved leads are in. But I am not holding out much hope given the general tone of the entire season and Marlowe's determination to put them through the grinder... I guess I'll stick to fanfics on that one...

Back on topic here are some more favorite support chars:

Andromeda: Harper (just plain hilarious)

Buffy/Angel: Spike (easily stole the show almost every time he took the stage, especially on Angel) and Faith (didn't get nearly enough screen time on Angel for my liking)

Vampire Diaries - like I'm going to disagree with the obvious ... Caroline

Supernatural: Bobby (the guy is dead and he is still saving their asses)

Smallville: Chloe Sullivan and Oliver Green

Lost Girl: Kenzi

White Collar: Mozzie (seriously though ... who else would it be)

drlowdon pointed out Joss Whedon's brilliance in the supporting-characters department:

Josh Whedon always creates great supporting characters. Just look at Buffy, Angel, and Firefly.

aknu mentioned a few, then noticed a trend:

Skinner from X Files, Pierce from Community, Tobias from Arrested Development.

Hmm all bald.

And speaking of Community, many of you agreed with jkpop_07's picks:

Annie's Boobs from Community

Dean Pelton from Community

Magnitude from Community

Pop Pop to that, jkpop_07! And that’s it for this week. Congratulations to the Shout-Outees, and we'll see you back here again soon.

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