Commenter Shout-Outs: Your Recent Thoughts on Breaking Bad's Baldies, Eureka's Demise, and's "We'll Watch It For You"

Can it be that another week has come and gone already? It can! It really can! So as is our custom, we will now pull out from our top drawer a sheet of gold star stickers purchased at a Spencer’s Gifts and affix them to the comments we've found particularly worthy. So sit back, relax, and enjoy another edition of Commenter Shout-Outs. (Unless your comment was chosen, in which case it’s perfectly acceptable to freak out.)

After reading Tim's review of Sunday’s new episode of Breaking Bad, reader wr8280 couldn’t help but notice that things have gotten follicularly challenged for our ragtag group of meth-making anti-heroes:

So is everyone on this show bald now? Walt, Jesse, Mike, Hank, Gus. I'm starting to think the writers hate guys with hair. Jesse was even shaving the heads of random meth-heads in the episode.

But joostin_cdn replied that the show was just holding up a highly reflective scalp to society:

Larry David would be proud of the equal opportunity lol. Plus it is realistic. 70 percent of men have Male Pattern Baldness. A show with more than 30 percent of the actors having a full head of hair is extremely unbelievable. Kudos to Gilligan.

News that SyFy had Eureka-teased its viewers by ordering a six-episode sixth season and then announcing the series will end after its fifth, rightly upset many of you, who now see a crappy reality show clearinghouse where once stood the home of some of the best scripted shows on TV.

John38111 feels it’s time to pack up and head out to settle another spot in the cable cosmos: one that actually caters to true fans of science fiction:

I think it's time for a NEW Sci-Fi channel. It's apparent SyFy isn't merely a name change but a direction change, as well. Wrestling may come under fiction and cooking may come under science but neither are *science fiction.* I find myself leaving the SyFy channel more often to search for a good old Sci Fi movie or series rerun and I shouldn't have to. I'm ready for a new Sci Fi channel that gets back to the basics.

pjamese3 is similarly disaffected:

Okay, at this point, SyFy should really do another name change. Maybe "The Reality/Wraslin' Channel."

They've canceled most of their good series. The only actual sci-fi still on the channel is Warehouse 13 (which is okay) and Alphas (which sucks). Then there's the laughable original movies (which are either the environment gone wild, murderous aliens, or overgrown animals—with their own shark jump of a shark jumping out of the water and pulling down a commercial jet.) Then you have the "reality" shows like the various ghost shows and the guy looking for lost relics that have been hunted for centuries, but don't worry, he'll find it in an hour-long show. And cooking shows? And let us not forget...wrestling.

Supposedly, SyFy will be starting a new series set in the BSG universe during the Cylon war, but really, after their not giving Caprica a chance, do you thing it will be a thought-provoking show like BSG and Caprica, or will it be just big 'splosions in space and random chicks?

SyFy has gone the route of MTV and is no longer interested in programing for it's initial fan base. If you want good sci-fi, watch BBC America.

Bummer! Let’s focus on something a little more fun—like Price Peterson’s hilariously great "We’ll Watch It For You" recaps of hilariously bad TV movies (much like the ones you might watch on SyFy). This week, poor Price sat through all of ABC Family’s Teen Spirit, which is the worst movie of all time. I don’t even have to fact-check that, I just know I’m right in my heart. Did you know it starred Tim Gunn as an evil, crack-addicted angel or something?

Anyway, here’s what you thought about Price’s picture-book/recap:

onlymystory was instantly reminded of a classic biblical tale about popular high school students and death:

Um, my favorite teen popularity story from the Bible is when popular teens teased a prophet and then bears attacked and ate them. That was fun.

Of course! I love that story. I once played the bear in my synagogue pageant.

Draconax wants “We’ll Watch It For You” to run five times a week:

God, this needs to become a near daily article. The captions kill me every time.

Good lord, we could never do that to Price! Once a week seems like more than any healthy human psyche could possibly take, and besides, it’s all that’s really required of him from his prison work-release program.

Well, that’s it for this week, everyone! Shout-Out recipients, enjoy your shiny stars. Everyone else—keep watching, and keep talking!

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