Commenter Shout-Outs: Your Recent Thoughts on Once Upon a Time Casting and the Best Holiday Episodes

Hi-ho, it’s your friendly Commenter Shout-Outs emcee here, and boy oh boy have we missed you! It’s been two whole weeks since we dove back into the mailbag and pulled out the best comments of the week. This week, we visit Storybrooke for a little casting fun, we debate sitcom formats, and we reminisce about holiday specials past.

Let’s face it. Most of us live in a fantasy world of our own making, because the real world is a terrible place filled with student loan debt and bad drivers and health insurance companies that give us the runaround and whatnot. So why not indulge in a little make-believe, we always say? (Not really, but go with it.) This past week, our own Lily Sparks asked you to contribute your ideas for stunt casting new fairytale character additions to Once Upon a Time.

NadaAlAnbar wants some Beauty and the Beast action, and she knows how it could work:

How about Lucy Liu for Mulan, she can be a kickass public defender or a spy hiding as a substitute teacher. ^_^ Also they can consider Chris Hemsworth and Camilla Belle for an episode from Beauty and the Beast. He can be a burn victim and she is the nurse who takes care of him during an experimental treatment that leaves him ill-tempered and resentful but in the end makes him handsome again... loving it already LOL.

Hm, sounds better than Beastly. That’s for sure.

Bottron thinks Hansel and Gretel would be a fun one (so do we), and also listed a bunch of stories we’ve never even heard of!

I think Hansel and Gretel would be neat, but I guess Henry fills the role of "all kids." He's already gotten lost, plus cannibalism seems more like a Grimm storyline. But if OUaT really wants to do something interesting, they'd pick more esoteric fairytales like Bluebeard or Molly Whuppie. I suppose if they have a second season and want to continue having stories in the fairytale world, they'll have to. Or maybe they should introduce some conflicting villains, cause I'm getting a bit tired Lana Parilla acting like a vindictive bitch every episode.

In our most-recent Throwdown, we asked which you liked better: single-camera sitcoms or multi-camera sitcoms. This was a very controversial topic, with fans of both formats! And while we'll be back in a few days with a dedicated "Results Show" story, here's a sample of the discussion so far.

sduvoisin isn’t too proud to admit that he or she likes the three-jokes-per-page reliability of a multi-camera show:

I like multi-cam shows though I didn't realize it until I read the descriptions. I like zingers. I think when they are done well they are great. Single-cam for comedy can work and isn't a bad format but I think sometimes doesn't have the same energy as multi-cams.

chrisjozo thinks the multi-camera format makes for more spontaneity and energy on the set, like a live play, and therefore funnier TV:

I prefer multi-cam. Most single-camera shows just aren't that funny. They try to be clever but they aren't. The only single camera shows I like are Scrubs, Cougar Town, and Better Off Ted. Two of those speak more to my love of Bill Lawrence than they do the camera format.

I prefer it when the actors shoot the whole scene together. It allows them to play off one another and improvise. It adds a level of energy to the scene.

YaninaAyala says good comedy is about writing and acting, not cameras.

Does it actually matter how many cameras or the way they film? A good comedy is about good writing, good actors, and creative stories. The format has nothing to do with it. There are good comedies on both formats. I loved Arrested Development (single-cam), and now I love The Big Bang Theory (multi-cam), and that is because they make me laugh, I like the writing and the actors, not because how many cameras they use.

Finally, our latest Quick Question, about the greatest holiday-themed TV episodes of all time, brought out the Tiny Tims among you. God bless us, every one!

Mate tipped his hat to the mighty South Park Christmas eps, and poured out a little toddy for our beloved Community gang:

Not sure you can beat South Park in the realm of holiday episodes. They have had some awesome ideas. Mr. Hankey, Woodland Critters, Red Sleigh Down. Just to name three.

Honorable mention would be Community's "Abed's Uncontrollable Christmas." What live-action comedy show would have near an entire episode in stop motion...


bendylegsnick squeezed in some love for Friday Night Lights, seeing as the series finale was set at Christmas. (A stretch, but we’ve been struck by the giving spirit.)

It may be a bit of a cheat, but the series finale of Friday Night Lights was based around Christmas time (though released in February), and there were Christmas decorations abound, and an opening of a song I can only assume is called "Christmas in Texas." Really, any mention I can give to the best network television show of all time's finale, probably shouldn't need an excuse.

P.S. Matt proposing to Julie was amazing.

silverscreenluv gave a little holiday love to Supernatural:

Supernatural's "A Very Supernatural Christmas" needs to be on this list. How much more awesome can you get? Now we all know what Christmas trees are really for: improvised weaponry. I love Supernatural's sense of humor.

Finally, a certain ‘toon fan needs to have his or her voice heard, as well! Take it away, Waggytoon!

For six years, the best holiday episode was "Lilo & Stitch: The Series" Episode 14, "Topper." Stitch stealing all the presents looking for an Experiment Pod was hilarious yet heartwarming, especially when Topper was activated and became the top of the tree Pleakley was decorated as. But nowadays the best holiday episode seems to be "Phineas and Ferb Christmas Vacation," where the boys attempt to figure out why everyone in Danville is somehow deemed naughty by Santa and try to clear everything up in time to get the gifts delivered.

I don’t know why, but that is just the cutest comment ever. Just saying the words “Phineas and Ferb Christmas Vacation” out loud fills us with glee.

Well, folks! That about wraps it up for now. Congrats to all our Shout-Outees, and we’ll see you here again soon!

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I haven't seen a decent new Christmas episode of a show in years. My favorites are "A Matter of Faith" from Walker, Texas Ranger", "Xmas" from "7th Heaven", "Silent Night" from "Sue Thomas, F.B. Eye", "The Monkees Christmas Show" from "The Monkees"...but the all-time best has to be "8 is Enough's" "Yes, Nicholas, There Is a Santa Claus."
Christmas... humbug!
C'mon, how could you not include A Very Sunny Christmas???!
Has anyone suggested Azita Ghanizada for Princess Jasmine?

Can I fourth that?
Yay! I third the "Supernatural" Christmas!
Supernatural's " A Very Supernatural Christmas" was great!

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