Commenter Shout-Outs: Your Recent Thoughts on The Walking Dead, the Late Terra Nova, and Once Upon a Time

Yo! Commenter Shout-Outs are back, ya'll! This week, we discuss your reactions to The Walking Dead's latest death (spoilers ahead!), we say goodbye to Terra Nova, and consider your personal views on "dwarf eggs." Let's begin!

Last Sunday's episode of The Walking Dead left many viewers (including myself) screaming, "What the %#*^%%@!!" (If you haven't seen the last episode, I encourage you to stop reading now.) Here's what you guys had to say:

Before we get to the episode's shocking ending, let's consider Nihilistic1's interesting points about "zombie physiology":

Musings on zombie physiology...Only damage to the brain "kills" a zombie. Either a bullet, or crossbow bolt, or stabbing weapon. Apparently they can take all the damage to the torso, or extremities, you can dish out, and keep on coming (albeit relatively slowly). Which apparently means that their circulatory systems are no longer functioning or necessary? No heart beat? I guess their lungs work, hence all that moaning. But gunshots to the lungs don't seem to slow them down. If there's no metabolism, why do they need to eat live flesh? If what drives them isn't biological in nature (virus, bacteria, biological/chemical weapon of some sort), but something "supernatural," why would a shot to the brain take them out?

Another thought...if a shot to the brain puts zombies down instantly, wouldn't .22LR be the perfect zombie control caliber? I've got a Ruger 10/22 carbine with 50 round clips that would be a blast for zombie noggin plinking :p You could carry a whole lot of rounds for a fraction of the weight and space of large calibers. There is essentially no recoil, making it the easiest round to learn to shoot well. Plus, the report is relatively quiet. Hearing protection isn't really required when shooting them. This would save your hearing for detecting shambling zombies trying to sneak up on you. It would be less likely to draw in more zombies. And, you could fashion a silencer for it fairly easy. Even a plastic liter soda pop bottle slipped over the muzzle could make an effective silencer to even further reduce the report. Granted, it wouldn't be your best choice to deal with well armed living bandits who are willing to kill you for your supplies. But daily practice nailing moving zombies between the eyes would give you the skill to place shots between the eyes of the living as well. :p

Moving on: silverscreenluv won't miss the newly departed Dale:

Ugh, Dale. I'm so happy he's gone. R.I.P. Mr. Public Service Announcement. There are so many better ways to write a moral compass character. Now if they could just bump off Lori... I threw up a little an episode ago when she was talking to Andrea about how Andrea needs to stop pretending to be a man and get back to her place in the kitchen. How about Lori gets off her pregnant ass and does some guard duty? Or she could just watch her kid, maybe? Or maybe the group should think about killing off the dead-weight since they've decided to kill people that might endanger the group.

mynameisjohnas disagreed with those who didn't like Dale:

So what I'm hearing from a lot of people is that Dale was unequipped to live in this new world and didn't contribute anything useful to the group. An interesting viewpoint to say the least.

In response, let's go through some of what Dale has done since he was first introduced, shall we?

– It was Dale who, because of his skills with rifles, was almost always on watch on top of the RV looking out for walkers at both the original campsite and at Hershel's farm.

– It was Dale's unintentional arrival that interrupted what could have been Rick's murder by a temporarily insane Shane in the woods.

– It was Dale's skills with mechanics that allowed the group to fix the RV and get to the CDC where they found out important information from Dr. Jenner about what was going on.

– It was Dale who, more so than anyone else, refused to allow his outlook to darken despite everything he had been though. It was this resilience and optimism that led him to save Andrea, rightly or wrongly, from killing herself at the end of Season 1. Andrea's experience of dealing with suicide then helped contribute to Beth's sister deciding not to kill herself.

– It was Dale who, rightly or wrongly, was not afraid to fight for an unpopular viewpoint because he believed it to be in the best interest of the group. Love it or hate it, it takes a large pair of stones or melons to fight for what you believe even when most people think you're out to lunch.

Let me clarify. I'm not saying Dale was a saint, or that he was never wrong. Like all human beings in this show and real life, Dale had his flaws. Yes, at times in this episode he was preachy and at times he was righteous. But at the same time, and most importantly, he represented a side of the group that needed representing. ... Furthermore, I feel like noting that while I may not like certain characters in this series (especially Carl who has to be one of the most infuriating characters of all time), I don't wish any of them death because very few people on earth, fictional or real, deserve to die in a manner which Dale perished last night. ... To be so into a show, even a fictional one, that you would wish other human characters horrific deaths because, for whatever reason, you don't like them says more about you than it does about the characters themselves. R.I.P. Dale.

mmmshuddup thinks Carl is to blame for Dale's death:

Carl is an annoying little twerp in my opinion. I hope he realizes this was his fault. I don't like Dale but I didn't want him dead either! What a serious bummer. Daryl is still awesome! Shane was being awesome this episode. This was a good episode.

Athanatos173 also dislikes Carl, and wants to see Randall killed:

It's a matter of time before Carl gets his, he's obviously inherited his mother's intellect. What I don't understand is why Daryl is hanging around with these people, is it for the companionship? Or is it to have decoys if something should go down? I'm sorry, but in the position they are in, the only logical choice would be to kill whatever that kid's name is, if he were to get out and get back to his group, that would only endanger everyone. "Civilized" has left the building and isn't coming back.

Alright, let's switch from dead zombie victims to dead dino dramas. Some of you went bananas over Fox's cancellation of Terra Nova, while some of you squealed with delight after hearing the news.

feramy05 was bummed, but thinks something great will come out of Terra Nova's death:

At first I thought, "That's too bad." Then I thought, "Wait, hope for Fringe!" With House and Terra Nova gone and The Finder and Alcatraz most likely toast, Fox is going to have very few dramas left. Maybe Fringe will stick around after all!

fernkelsey probably wrote the comment below while listening to "I'm So Excited" by the Pointer Sisters:

WOOOO!!!! I am never one to wish for a show's demise, but in this case, I am so ecstatic with happiness!! Yes, I was more than excited for this show, and then I was downright disappointed when it ended up being quite horrible (IMHO). All this does is open up another slot for Fringe, which completely made my night!

bigo93 wasn't surprised:

Completely expected result. After spending so much money on special effects they could not afford decent writers, or the writers just decided to spend their "well-earned" cash on a week of partying before scribbling the script the night before. Then you had Fox shouting, "We spent a ton of money on this show, that means it's definitely gonna be awesome, because we spent so much money on it!" And, well, we know what we were given. The first episode was interesting, the finale was interesting, but everything in between was just a filler with bits of the plot pushed in here and there. So for a show which could have been great, who do you blame? The writers, the producers, and the director, obviously.

Finally, let's talk about dwarf eggs! Many of you were very vocal regarding last week's episode of Once Upon a Time, which Lily didn't particularly care for.

amaris_moon broke things down for us:

1. Thought the dwarf eggs were creepily cool, but I feel like I've seen that idea on another show—just can't remember which one.
2. It felt to me like Belle's scene was just kinda tacked on. "Hey, while you're here, Emilie, how about you film a scene for an upcoming episode, too?"
3. Has Emma never seen CSI? I mean, come on. Even criminals know how to not contaminate crime scenes these days.
4. Um, no. No nun crushes. Actually don't think I've ever met one.
5. Mining day? Seriously?
6. I quite liked the backstory and the little Disney references. Plus Amy Acker. 'Nuff said.
P. S. "Just don't eat anymore staplers." I am totally hearing that in Regina's voice. Right on!

JustinJohnson9 disagreed with the haters and pointed out what he thought were the episode's many highlights:

I really don't understand the hate for this episode at all. It was a filler episode, which EVERY SHOW NEEDS, but a great one. The whole story of Nova and Dreamy was told perfectly. So the dwarfs hatch from eggs?! What is wrong with that? This is a science-fiction series, remember?!! So, the story was very cutesy? What, does everything have to bee dark and gritty like Grimm? Is that what you want? A copycat series?! Give me a break! My favorite part was when Dreamy and Nova realized that they had never actually "seen the world," with her being from the clouds and skies above, and him from underground mines below. The way it was realized and worded was so profound to me. I loved it! Then the ending with him busting out the lights so every candle could be sold! Perfect. This love-story-in-waiting was a breath of fresh air from the whole David/MM one.

Tippie laid out his/her frustrations with folks who don't appreciate the fairy-tale world:

(Excuse me while I launch into a mini-rant—and not about the show. :P) So, I agree with this article only on one point: It definitely wasn't my favorite episode. BUT—it still was quite cute, IMHO. I understand that this article is written in total jest and hilarity, but that doesn't mean that personal views aren't coming out here. Admittedly, I agree with a few of the points, but I think, and I don't mean offense here, that you need to pick up some imagination. Fairy tales REQUIRE that you tune into your childhood's brain function that allowed you to believe everything as is without any questions asked because ANYTHING can happen in a fairy-tale world.

A bunch of you have really lost hope in the show this quickly? This was a filler episode, so of course it wasn't the best. Stick with it at least one more week, I can tell you things are going to be AMAZING from here on out. A TV show isn't going to miraculously have every single episode be amazing. We always have to have that one episode that didn't live up to everyone's standards. As for me? I'm not giving up on the show that easily. :P

And to close things out, mad-pac thought the show went too far with the breakfast egg:

I have no problems with dwarf eggs. But dwarf-egg omelette, that's where I draw the line!

Fine points, everyone! That's it for this edition of Shout-Outs. See you back here next week.

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Sorry to have to go all Spelling Nazi on the author (especially for a word such as this) but "y'all" is a contraction of "you all" and shouldn't be spelled "ya'll."

Good catch, thanks WavSlave!
I think looking too far into 'zombie physiology' (or worse yet would be psychology) is a bit like saying a cartoon is unrealistic for reasons A and B, forgetting completely that it's a CARTOON! You can rip apart zombies (figuratively) from a number of angles, but the bottom line is that The Walking Dead does it a LOT better than most zombie movies/shows do.
They took such a great concept and screwed it up. I can't believe that the combined brain power of Braga and Spielberg would end up with such a lame show. I mean there are some great scripts that these guys have written and produced. Just wasn't meant to be.
Interesting points
Wow Anngie. 242 postings on OUaT and THAT'S what you took away from the thread??? maybe you should "crack the shell" and you'll find a little more depth!!

I just want to add my favorite moments of Terra Nova which were Tim Surette's recaps or reviews (whatever they're called). He managed to pinpoint every single detail and every week it was an LOL-moment.
Lately I've started to kinda like The Firm, hope they air the entire season. And I also want to NOT have Fringe cancelled. Its such a fantastic series. !0/4 over and out.
I think it's a mistake to think that the cancellation of Terra Nova helps Fringe. First, Terra Nova was on Mondays while Fringe was on Fridays. It's unlikely Fringe would be put in Terra Nova's spot. While Fringe's cancellation might have opened up a spot on Fridays, lately once a show goes on Fridays it doesn't tend to come back. Second, the failure of Terra Nova could just as easily put FOX against sci-fi in general and encourage them to try out more singing or other shows. There's no requirement for FOX to appeal to the sci-fi market and a new show might make for a better gamble. Even Alcatraz has more potential for ratings success than Fringe since it hasn't been around as long. Third, FOX has all but said outright that they're planning to cancel Fringe. But Fringe has driven a lot of viewers away by changing the nature of the show from episodic to serial and it's gone too far to be able to go back.
Name one viewer who was "driven" away by Fringe's "episodic" nature.
Have you ever watched Fringe? It has NEVER been an episodic. Not if you were paying attention.

Fringe is an unbelievable show. A new show could tank just like these other new shows. Which sucked. Anyway, the guy behind tvline or something says that fringe will almost definitely be renewed.

Fringe was put on Fridays, because it has such a loyal fanbase that they thought it would keep those fans no matter where they put it. And they were about right.

X-Files was moved from Fridays, by the way. Oh, and what network did that air on? Oh, yeah, FOX.
i actually liked season 1 more than season 2 (it really hasn't gone anywhere since the first episode)... season 2 sucks :l ....
Nihilistic1's physiological observations are right on! We must go further, however. In addition to the physiological limitations, (and of course these could be multiplied ad infinitum) there is the fatal contradiction involved in all ZA scenarios. I have explored the ZA conundrum in detail here:
The impossibility of a ZA has always been the problem from the very first zombie movie. There is good article on seven points why a ZA can't happen: (

But it's the same thing with for example sci-fi movies with time travel and moving at the speed of light. To enjoy a show with obvious flaws in the plot, you just have to push past the uncomfortable feeling that these questions create. Of course, how the writers deal with the flaws has an obvious impact on how viewers perceive the show. And I think that the writers of The Walking Dead have not really succeeded in downplaying the problems with the idea of a zombie invasion. If the characters in The Walking Dead moved around more, and participated more actively in their own survival and solving the problem of the zombie infestation, it would be easier to ignore the impossibility of a ZA. But the longer they stay put and do stupid mistakes (which is the exact opposite of survival), the more the audience will have time to focus on the obvious questions marks in the story. I understand that the show wants to stay true to the comic books, but I have felt that during the second season it has lacked the kind of pace needed to distract the audience from the inherent flaws in the premise of a ZA.
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