Commenter Shout-Outs: Your Recent Thoughts on: The Walking Dead's Return, "Overrated" Shows, and Ringer

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You’ve done it. You’ve made it through another week while loading up on as much delicious, sugary, high-in-trans-fats TV goodness as your body could handle. And as if that wasn’t reward enough, here’s the cherry on your TV sundae: this week's Commenter Shout-Outs!

The return of AMC's The Walking Dead left many of you wanting.

Laserwolf412 thinks the show is veering into B-movie territory:

Wow, I watched this thinking about how much worse the show seems to have become and yet I guess I'm in the minority here. It's still absolutely worth watching, but there were sooo many eye-roll moments in this episode that I was sure the internet would be at least somewhat negative. Someone already mentioned the wave of zombies that [the survivors] didn't see until they were pretty much on them. There was also the water truck parked immediately in front of the RV with the logo facing them. How did it take so long for someone to put two and two together? And then, when [Shane] does, he decides to take a shower because nine adults and two kids couldn't possibly drink all that water in their lifetime right? Apparently they were in no hurry to load the water into one of the vehicles in the event they had to leave quickly, and am I wrong in understanding that one of them felt uncomfortable stealing food and other supplies from the dead? Really?

Lastly, I really had a hard time with the opening speech on the walkie-talkie. It didn't sound natural at all, but rather as if he was reading from a letter he had already written.

In the end I enjoyed it, but it just bothers me that this felt a little more like a dime-a-dozen horror movie that chose cheap dramatics over common sense. All this does is make you dislike the characters and take away the suspense.

This week we asked a simple question: What critically adored shows can you just not seem to get into? Well! That unleashed a tidal wave of pent-up, prestige-TV-hating shame, with many of you admitting to not liking—and sometimes even hating—such wildly praised shows as Mad Men, Glee, Community, The Good Wife, and yes, even (gasp!) Game of Thrones.

MiaFacciata wrote:

Really? Everyone does this? I thought it was just me.

No, it’s not just you!

Big_Pecks added three more to our starter list:

Similarly, if you say you don't like Game of Thrones, Louie and Breaking Bad, you'll be ridiculed.

Never! (Well, maybe a little. At least by other commenters, but we have no control over that.)

HenryLeeLucas admitted the unthinkable—that Jon Stewart tries too hard to be funny:

The Daily Show. I've nothing against Jon, but he's just not funny. Maybe it's just not my type of humor, it's like he's trying too much in monologues, yells and stuff... (for the same reason I don't watch Conan, but I still like him "as a person"). On the other hand, I love Bill Maher, so it's not like I don't get political stuff.

Top Chef and Community I don't watch. And the rest is truly astonishing TV. The Good Wife is a bit soapy and cartoonish, but that's kinda the point of that show, I think.

whatever556 explained why Game of Thrones isn’t for him:

I tried watching Game of Thrones, but when they threw a hundred million characters at me to differentiate in the first episode and an equal amount of unrestrained bombardment, I just short-circuited. Had no interest to carry on, especially when every once in a while I hear more casting news for Season 2, and I'm wondering how many new names/faces I'd have to familiarize if I continued.

And Community fan mrfurious00 agreed that the show seems to be entering a period of too-experimental decline:

You know something, the only one I care about and (must) watch is Community, and I cannot help but agree with you—r friend, *ahem* your friend. In my opinion, this season so far has too heavily been focusing on "being a different comedy" if you will. I want more group inter-relationship humor! More plotline advances! Wasn't there supposed to be a mean Dean Goodman? Whatever the hell happened to that, where's he been?

The season is young! Mean Dean to come! (We hope.)

Finally, let’s check back in with trooper Louis Peitzman, who has been dutifully filing dispatches from the Ringer frontlines since that show premiered on The CW. The series now has a full-season pickup, and Louis reported on Tuesday that it's been showing signs of improvement. Do you agree?

costello7 definitely does:

I'm really enjoying Ringer. The pilot was amazingly bad; I can't even believe it got on the air. But, since then, it's been really fun. What I like most is that the twists and turns come fast and furious... they don't drag a lot of stuff out like most primetime soaps do.

Swinglabacase is a Ringer fan, but thinks the show has too much filler:

This show knows how to create hooks... I also hope that they soon get away from what I call "the filler" story. They dilute too much the "thriller" aspect of what the show claims to be by using them too much.

I can't help but find Henry, Andrew, and Juliet so boring. So cliche. So uninteresting. Empty. Not just their part in the series but as characters. Gemma had more presence then both of them together. Though, it is soon in the series, I admit. They really have to move on with the main plot and eventually bring other strong actor/characters into the mix. Feels as if the writers are "too prudent." But your explanation about The CW's younger audience and Buffy fans makes sense.

There's enough good stuff to keep me interested. I just hope that they don't drag this other stuff too long.

And mac94102 had to give a shout-out to her favorite Veronica Mars star:

How can this article completely ignore the most amazing part of last night's show, the first appearance of Jason Dohring?! His role was forgettable to say the least, but any time I get to see Logan Echolls I am happy as can be.

And when you’re happy, we’re happy. Thanks for playing, everyone! We’ll see you back here next week. Same Shout-Out time. Same Shout-Out channel.

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