We Finally Have Those 2012 Dead Pool Winners You Asked For

You've waited and waited and waited some more, and now those of you who've been so patient (and even those of you who haven't been so patient) are about to get some answers regarding last year's Dead Pool winners. We're gearing up to launch the 2013 edition next week, so we figured it was high time to double-check our math and crown some champions. We'll keep this short:

Congratulations to ...

1ST PLACE: JordanClark2 (42 points)

2ND PLACE (TIE): Neksmater and hannah_, (41 points)

3RD PLACE: DraicKin5 (39 points)

4TH PLACE: AggelikiSetsi (37 points)

In the end, it came down to the tiebreaker. The highest score was 37 points, which resulted in a five-way tie between Jordan, Neks, Hanna, Draic, and Agge. We factored the tiebreaker by awarding up to five extra points, depending on how soon someone's chosen tiebreaker show was picked up for a full season (+5 after two episodes, +4 after three episodes, and so on)Jordan had The Mindy Project (+5 points), Neks had Vegas (+4 points), Hannah had Revolution (+4 points), and Draic had Go On (2 points). Agge didn't have a tiebreaker (whoops!). 

Anyway, the simple reason it took so long for us to tell you this is that we were trying to build a leaderboard that would display scores for everyone who entered, and the plain old truth is it never happened, and then we had to move on to working on other things (like show communities!). Sorry about that! Will you please forgive us? We promise it won't happen again this year!

For those of you who'd like to tally your final score at home, we've posted the final point totals for each of last fall's new shows below (only eight of them are coming back this year!), and you can find your Dead Pool 2012 list at the following link:

www.tv.com/users/[Insert your case-senstive TV.com user name here]/lists/deadpool-2012/

666 Park Avenue: 6 points

Animal Practice: 8 points

Arrow: -2 points 

Beauty and the Beast: -2 points

Ben and Kate: -2 points 

Chicago Fire: -2 points

Elementary: -2 points

Emily Owens, M.D.: 7 points

Go On: -2 points

Guys With Kids: -2 points

Last Resort: 6 points

Made in Jersey: 11 points

Malibu Country: -2 points

The Mindy Project: -2 points 

The Mob Doctor: 5 points

Nashville: -2 points

The Neighbors: -2 points

The New Normal: -2 points

Partners: 7 points

Revolution: -2 points

Vegas: -2 points

Have a great weekend, everyone! And check back next week for Dead Pool 2013!

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