Sharpen Your Axe, It's Time for the Third Annual Dead Pool!

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UPDATE (9/30, 6pm Pacific): The voting window is officially closed. Good luck, everyone!

Welcome back to the only television game in town that focuses on failure (besides setting NBC's schedule, I mean)! Yep, it's time for the 2013 Dead Pool, where you win by betting on the losers. At the beginning of each fall season, networks shovel a bunch of shows onto the airwaves hoping that one or two of them will become hits. But as we all know, most of them will suffer the painful death known as cancellation. 

That's where the Dead Pool comes in. You get to choose which shows you think will be dead and buried first. This is our third annual event, so some of you undoubtedly played before. But this year, we've simplified things to their very core in an effort to make things easier for everyone. 

Here's the deal: The point system has been completely overhauled. It no longer matters how soon into a series' life that it gets canceled (i.e. how many episodes air before the axe drops). All that's important now is whether a show is canceled or not canceled. You'll still select five shows, and you'll still want them to get canceled, but now you'll want all five of your choices to die before everything else. This gives the game more of a ticking-clock feel, upping the pressure and intensity instead of dragging it out.

The tiebreaker system is also different. In the past, we asked you to choose a sixth show, the one you thought would be the first new series to earn a full-season pickup (i.e. receive an order for more episodes). This year we're rewarding the confident and the quick by giving tiebreaker priority to those who get their entries in earliest. That means that if you want to have a leg up on the competition, you'll have to go with your gut (and the quality of pre-premiere trailers) instead of watching a few episodes of as many shows as possible before you set your picks.


– Pick the five new fall shows you think will get canceled first and drag them from the grid into the empty slots on the entry form below. The order of your picks doesn't matter.

– The first entry to correctly name the five shows that ultimately get canceled first wins.

– In the event of a tie, the entry that was submitted first wins. Once you're happy with your picks, don't change them, or you'll reset your entry to a later timestamp.

We'll close the polls on Monday, September 30 at 6pm Pacific, so get your entry in before then! 


– Remember, "bad" doesn't always mean canceled. Pay attention to difficult timeslots, the influence of any big-name producers who might be involved, and shows that don't offer broad appeal. 

– Time is of the essence! If you choose a show that doesn't premiere until October, you might put yourself at a disadvantage. BUT if you put too much faith in shows that debut early, you might accidentally select a series that's just starting a long 10-season life, in which case you'd likely have a losing ballot on your hands.

– Last year's Dead Pool was thrown for a loop because the networks were awfully kind and extremely slow to drop the axe (oh, and we finally announced the winners, btw). Think about how networks will react this year. 

Good luck, everybody!

Note: If you edit your picks, but you've already posted them in the comments, simply refresh the page—the original comment should reflect your updated lineup.

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