lunches with Anthony Bourdain

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Tony Bourdain loves food.

"Oh this is good," the caustic cook murmered as he bit into his Vietnamese pork sandwich. "This is real food."

The chef and best-selling author of Kitchen Confidential and The Nasty Bits sat down for lunch with last week. Mr. Bourdain, who nominally calls New York his home--he is on the road most of the year filming his Travel Channel show, Anthony Bourdain, No Reservations--was in San Francisco to support How I Learned to Cook, a new anthology he contributed to.

He was in his usual cheerfully cranky form. When asked about TV titan and Food Network star Rachael Ray, he answered with delicate finesse.

"She's a bobblehead," he quipped. "I think she is doing a disservice to humanity."

When asked about the worst thing he had ever eaten, the man who has snarfed down chicken anuses, suckled on seal eyeballs, and famously eaten the beating heart of a cobra snake, had a ready answer.

"It was when I was with the bushmen of the Kalihari," he remembered. "They cooked a wild boar and gave me the innards. Every bite was sand, s***, and fur."

Check out's video interview!

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