Q&A: Smallville's Justin Hartley

Justin Hartley has swept back onto the Smallville scene for a Thursday, February 7 reprisal of his role as superhero Green Arrow. Fans of the show are stoked to see his return, especially considering that his latest appearance helps introduce another new character: Green Arrow's "special friend" Black Canary. We asked Smallville-loving users to submit their questions for the actor, who promptly replied with the following answers. Enjoy!

eliphino: Who would you say you have the best chemistry with on Smallville? How is the whole cast in general?

Justin Hartley: Dear eliphino, I like to think I have good chemistry with everyone on the show. As far as who I have the best chemistry with, I think that's probably up to the individual viewer to decide. I always try to put my best out there and just hope that you kind people like it.

waltmor: Now that Black Canary's being introduced to Smallville, is the comic-book relationship between your character Green Arrow and her in the cards?

Justin Hartley: Waltmor, I don't know if a Green Arrow/Black Canary relationship is in the cards for a Smallville plot point. I would love to know myself. I will say this. Personally, I'm not much into screaming and yelling, so there's no way I'm getting involved with her.

ndk28: How has playing the Green Arrow on Smallville been different from anything else you have ever done? What was your favorite episode as the Green Arrow and why?

Justin Hartley: ndk28 wants to know what my favorite episode as Green Arrow was. First of all, you have a very exotic name. How do you pronounce that? My favorite as Green Arrow was "Arrow." I dug that one.

OdumCarlock: On the show you seem so fluent with the bow and archery. Do you have any formal training in bows or is it an impressive bit of staging to make you look so comfortable with it?

Justin Hartley: OdumCarlock, thanks for noticing. The truth is we spent all of our free time learning how to use the bow without looking like an actor using a bow. I owe all of that to the coaching I was given and to the camera operator for making it look cool. That said, I have gotten good at it.

Gatz1000: What made you interested in this role on Smallville?

Justin Hartley: I became interested in Smallville when Aquaman was not picked up and my mortgage was due. Kidding. The real reason is that it was an easy decision. Successful show, great character, and Al and Miles, whom I love.

crazybabecake: Do you like the prime-time or the daytime acting jobs better? Fox Crane was definitely not the same after you left.

Justin Hartley: crazybabecake, I enjoyed my time doing daytime television. It's very fast paced and because of that, it tends to be very demanding. You're memorizing lines so fast that you don't even know what you're saying anymore. The training is great and there are some people who have been acting for a very long time that you can learn from every day--props to Ben Masters, aka Julian Crane, aka one of the best actors alive. That said, I like to get more involved in the characters I play than daytime usually allows you to just because of the pace of production. I'm happy acting anywhere and thankfully I don't have to choose. Although I do have a tattoo that says prime time all the way baby!!!!

Mixk: After Smallville, what do you plan to do ? It would be great to see you playing a leading role on a new show!

Justin Hartley: Retire... Then come out of retirement and run for political office where the polls will show me hammering my opposition by 20 points. I will be a lock to win, when a cover-up will be uncovered and my campaign will be forced out of the race. I will retire from politics for good and resume my acting career. After some time, I will regain the trust of a "take a chance on him" casting director who will give me a good part. Not huge, but good. After that I will once again retire and spend the rest of my time contemplating coming out of retirement. Or, I may just keep working as an actor and skip the whole politics thing all together. Good question.

Catch Smallville on The CW Thursdays at 8:00 p.m. Check out's Smallville show space for more information and fun!

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