Throwdown the Results Show: Which Network Has the Best Comedy Block?

After a break during which I held my own Thanksgiving Throwdown (sweet potatoes eked out a narrow win over turkey), we're back! Today we tally the results of the question we asked two weeks ago: Which network has the best comedy block? As expected, it was a two-horse race and a late push by one filly barely nudged it ahead of its worthy competition.

ABC and its two-hour block of The Middle, Suburgatory, Modern Family, and Happy Endings just edged out NBC's team of Community, Parks and Recreation, The Office, and Whitney by a vote of 38 to 35, thanks to three late picks for ABC. But this one was neck-and-neck until the bitter end. CBS came in a distant third place, nabbing 16 votes for its block of How I Met Your Mother, 2 Broke Girls, Two and a Half Men, and Mike & Molly. Fox's Animation Domination is still back at the starting gate, as it earned a grand total of zero votes. D'oh!

And now, on to the Graphical Brizeakdownnnn!

Which network has the best comedy block?
ABC, 38 votes | NBC, 35 votes | CBS, 16 votes | Fox, 0 votes
None, 5 votes | ABC/NBC tie, 3 votes | ABC/CBS tie, 3 votes | FX 2 votes

If you only glance at the pizza slices above, it's difficult to tell that ABC beat NBC. It was that close. I also appreciate the few of you who completely ignored the rules and voted for FX, even though it doesn't have a two-hour comedy block. I guess you did that just to hurt my feelings. Also: No one voted for Supernatural. Come on, guys! But the great discussion that took place proved you're all winners. My favorite talking point? Someone managed to weave Perfect Strangers into the conversation. Here are the highlights:

safibwana showed his/her age and said: "ABC, by virtue of having the only lineup that is watchable from beginning to end, but I maintain that the very idea of the primetime schedule and even the network is obsolete in the age of the DVR. The idea of a block of programming should have gone out with the advent of cable and the remote control. The last time I felt compelled to sit through an entire evening of a network's programming was because I was too lazy to turn the VHF knob with a pair of pliers and adjust the tinfoil on the rabbit ears."

bert_lancaster stopped by earth to make this comment: "Community and Parks and Recreation are the two shining lights of network comedy and in my house are prolonging Mr. TV's stay of execution, when Community gets canceled I think Mr. TV might be getting thrown out the window. Along with Mr. Dishwasher who wont stop leaking! I hate you you stupid machine."

LINKCPR stopped punching puppies and skipped his/her anger-management class to say what many of us are thinking: "NBC is planning on shelving Community and has given Whitney a full-season order and very likely a second season on top of that. Just think about that for a second. I know this contest is about the combined quality of the shows currently on the air, but I hate NBC so much right now I couldn't possibly vote for them. So I vote for ABC, if for nothing more than to spite those MOTHER!@$#!#S"

AdityaKartikaP broke the rules and said: "Why not mix them up to create the ultimate dream lineup: Community, How I Met Your Mother, Modern Family, Happy Endings."

Arch_Angel88, who always has something interesting to say, said: "It pains me to say this due to to my unabashed love of Community, but my vote is for ABC. If you would have posed this question last year, I probably would have said NBC. But the Carell-less Office has taken a significant drop in quality and direction, and Whitney is an injurious blight feasting upon our very souls (it also ruined my death pool). Conversely, ABC has an absolutely hilarious show (Happy Endings), a very funny and critically acclaimed show (Modern Family), and hands down the best new comedy of the season (Suburgatory). The accumulative quality of ABC's lineup is just too much for Community and Parks and Rec to beat alone. Needless to say, CBS and FOX are not even in the discussion."

jekyll challenged the entire internet by saying: "Once the unfunny Community is gone in favor of 30 Rock NBC will easily have the best block."

chas031 wins the Most Unusual Awesome Reference award for this: "Seriously Tim?? The BEST ??? On network??? The answer is D. None of the above. I'd rather sit for two hours on YouTube watching Debbie Boone wannabes be their best versions of "You Light Up My Life." Damn... ears are bleeding again... gotta go!!"

But because I'm a stats geek, my favorite comment came from TrevPlatt, who broke things down thusly: "Once again I'm going with the numbers...
ABC: Suburgatory +6, The Middle +5, Happy Endings +5, Modern Family -1 = +15
FOX: Family Guy +5, American Dad +5, The Simpsons +1, Allen Gregory -5 = +6
CBS: HIMYM +5, 2 Broke Girls +1, Mike & Molly 0, Two and a Half Men -5 = +1
NBC: Community +10, The Office 0, Parks and Rec -1, Whitney -10 = -1 (sorry Community)
ABC wins.

Thank you to everyone who voted! We'll be back shortly with a fresh new Throwdown, so sharpen your claws and get ready for another heated debate!

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