Top 10: Emmy Nomination Gripes

To be fair, there are some great picks in the 2009 Emmy Nominee mix: Bryan Cranston is nominated for his stellar work in Breaking Bad, Tony Shalhoub is up for his role in Monk and Jim Parsons got a look for The Big Bang Theory. Big Love and Dexter are both nominees in the Outstanding Drama series. And Lost got some well-deserved recognition, too: The fan favorite is a Best Drama contender, as is Michael Emerson in the Supporting Actor category.

But we've got a few bones to pick with the rest of the slate. Here are our gripes in descending order:

10. "Outstanding Host for a Reality Program" is a F***ing Joke
Since when does Ryan Seacrest (or any other reality show host) deserve an Emmy, let alone an Emmy nomination? A reality show host shouldn't be taking the gig to earn an Emmy -- most likely, they should have won one 10-15 years ago in their heyday. But Seacrest would be in it for the statue.

9. Too Many Categories = Waste of Time
So You Think You Can Dance got 4 of 6 nominations in -- you guessed it -- "Outstanding Choreography." Raise your hand if you want enough categories for every show to win at least one award. After all, there are 3 separate categories for "Outstanding Hairstyling."

8. The Comedy Category is Laughable
When Entourage gets nominated over The Big Bang Theory, you know something is wrong. We're happy to see Flight of the Conchords on there, but did Seth MacFarlane really have to mess things up by throwing Family Guy into the ruckus? "Emmy nominated" is "Emmy nominated," Seth. Let's leave our egos at the door.

7. True Diss for True Blood
Go to your nearest water cooler. What show are the people there talking about? What's the program they rush home to watch? What show is single-handedly saving a once mighty network? Yup, it's HBO's True Blood. We know it's campy and silly at times, but it's so damn good we're shocked it didn't garner any nominations, especially for its fantastic young cast. Oh, but it's about vampires, and Emmy voters don't take vampires seriously.

6. Familiar Females
Maybe this is more of a gripe about the lack of shows with female leads, but seriously: Glenn Close, Kyra Sedgwick, Holly Hunter, Mariska Hargitay, and Sally Field... AGAIN? Sure, they're deserving, we won't deny that. But TV better get it together and find some new characters with XX chromosomes, because this is getting boring. And while we're at it, can we get a person of color in a lead role sometime in the next century?

5. Nominee Numbers: Keep It Consistent
7 shows up for Outstanding Drama and Outstanding Comedy? Looks like the Emmys are taking a hint from the self-indulgent Academy Awards and upping the numbers because they couldn't make up their mind. Meanwhile, the tedious category "Outstanding Animated Program - Programming One Hour or More" contains a measly 2 nominees. Not cool.

4. 30 Rock: Twenty-Too Many Nominations
Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin are funny people. Jane Krakowski, Tracy Morgan and Jack McBrayer are, too. But are they all really the record-breaking, all-time funniest people? Ever? No comedy has ever been nominated for 22 Emmys. 30 Rock shouldn't be, either -- but there's not much else out there to choose from.

3. Battlestar Galactica: Where No Emmy Has Gone Before!
Just about every single critic has, at some point, called Battlestar Galactica one of the best dramas on television. So guess how many major Emmy nominations it will walk away with in its five-year run -- a big fat ZERO (it has been nominated for technical awards, as well as the writing and directing categories). The cast is excellent and it's one of the most important, gripping, relevant shows television has seen in... well, ever. Oh but it's sci-fi, and Emmy voters don't take sci-fi seriously. Time to grow up, guys.

2. Acting Snubs
No Kyle Chandler or Connie Britton from Friday Night Lights. Kristen Wiig over Kristen Schaal? No Rhys Darby? No Alexander Skarsgard for Generation Kill? No Elizabeth Mitchell, Jeremy Davies, January Jones, Marcia Gay Harden or Tate Donovan? Do we need to go on? And seriously Shatner, take a year off, will ya?

1. 30 Rock and Mad Men Special Treatment: It Needs To Stop
Did you know that 30 Rock was nominated for 4 of the 5 spots in the "Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series" category? The one-timer, Flight of the Conchords, might be ecstatic under any other circumstances, but these odds are almost insulting. Lost got the same underhanded snub -- Mad Men got 4 of the 5 nominations in "Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series." Give other shows a chance.

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