Top 10: Sesame Street TV Parodies

While television is generally considered a major cause of brain rot, there's still at least one show out there that's trying to help minds grow: Sesame Street. And what better way to do that than by spoofing other television shows? After watching Sesame Street's recent Mad Men parody, we're counting off 10 of our favorites, in no particular order.

The Inspiration: Mad Men

Using Mad Men to teach feelings, and not be so darned MAD:

And now, the list!

10. Star Trek

The debate for best Star Trek captain will rage forever, but the worst is right here:

9. Reality TV

Think reality shows are annoying now? Imagine if they had a megaphone-wielding Grover as the host.

8. High School Musical

Surprisingly, Disney didn't sue Sesame Street for poking fun at High School Musical:

7. Desperate Housewives

In this take on Desperate Housewives, sunlight and water are euphemisms for hot studs and sexy time, but don't tell the kids that:

6. 30 Rock

This 30 Rock parody has obvious jokes, but Tina Fey as a real lemon is still hilarious.

5. Grey's Anatomy

This take on Grey's Anatomy is missing doctor hookups, but the graphic dismemberment of the letter "A" makes up for it:

4. Hill Street Blues

Classic: Hill Street Blues suits up the gang:

3. CSI: Miami

CSI: Miami's Horatio stays cool even on Sesame Street:

2. Law & Order: SVU

When a letter goes missing, it's up to the Special Letters Unit. DUN-DUN!

1. Dancing With The Stars

Tom Twinkletoes makes Dancing With Triangles infinitely more cerebral than watching Dancing With the Stars:

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