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In this gargantuan Top 100 list, we go a little out of the box by looking at specific elements of television--both on-screen and off-screen--that we thought were the most memorable this year. We'll put up 10 more each weekday through January 2nd, so be sure to check the site often. Until next year, Happy Holidays!

90. Satan's teeth in Reaper

Satan's pearly whites remind us of a used-car salesman with ulterior motives. Of his teeth, Ray Wise told "I never really realized how great the power of a smile can be. And in this particular character, that's his calling card. You see those teeth coming first, and watch out."

89. Technology on display during the elections

We witnessed a major historical milestone this year during the 2008 United States presidential election that will change the world forever. That's right, a hologram projection from a member of the Black Eyed Peas! That and the Minority Report-like touch-screen maps have us wanting more. If we knew this type of newscasting was coming, we would have paid more attention in our poli-sci classes.

88. Lindsay Lohan put in her place by Ugly Betty

In a hardly surprising turn of events, LiLo's much publicized recurring role on Ugly Betty was cut short by the party girl's alleged disruptions on the set, including a pantsing that revealed Lohan sans underwear. If this teaches that Lohan, Paris, and Britney guest-star publicity stunts aren't worth it, we'll be happy.

87. Sarah Silverman insulting her dog Doug

The Sarah Silverman Program is one of the funniest shows on what is supposed to be the funniest network, Comedy Central. And after all the politically incorrect barbs, fart jokes, and holocaust humor, Sarah settles into bed with her dog Doug and lovingly calls him an a**hole or reminds him he'd be dead without her. Adorable!

86. William Adama of Battlestar Galactica

As captain of the best science-fiction show on television today, Bill Adama is the perfect example of a leader we can believe in. Would our country be so bipartisan if he was in the White House? Would the country be in financial shambles if he was president? Did his soundalike name help pave the way for Obama? Of course not, that would be ridiculous.

85. Lipstick Jungle's Fashion Sense

Victory, Wendy, and Nico do their best Mr. T impressions by decking their necks with gaudy pendants, weighing down their wrists with a huge stone stuck to some gold, and dressing up in a revealing wardrobe. They're like Gossip Girl: the Golden Years or Sex and the City 2: Sexier and Citier.

84. John and Kate plus 8

We have reservations of bringing in more children to this complicated world, but our biological clocks are still tickin'. TLC's Jon and Kate Plus 8 give us our weekly dose of vicarious child-rearing, and we don't even have to change diapers or save up for college.

83. Life on Mars soundtrack

When we heard that this cop-gets-thrown-back-to-1973 drama would rely heavily on music from the era, we feared an earful of ABBA, The Carpenters, and other '70s garbage. Thankfully, they opted for The Velvet Underground, Bowie, and other gems. Sample it over at

82. Brian Austin Green's comeback

It only took about a decade of keeping out of the public eye to forget that B.A.G. was practically an honorary member of Color Me Badd way back when. But now that he's back on Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, he's surprisingly tolerable. To round out the comeback, how about that little lady that's always on his arm? Brian Austin Green 1, me 0. You win this round, Brian!

81. Sweet Dee on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

As the lone female of the degenerate employees of Paddy's Bar, Deandra more than holds her own. Season four may have been a dip in quality, but Sweet Dee kept us watching because she's funny, filthy, and hot to boot--even when she's having a heart attack.

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