Top Ten: Shows of 2008 that need fixin'

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Remember that favorite show of yours that used to be awesome and now stinks? Yeah, we do too. We still call ourselves "fans" of the program, but only reluctantly. But it's not just one show; there are plenty. Here are the 10 we think still have potential but need a makeover STAT. And no, Heroes is not number one.

10. America's Next Top Model

Once a luscious guilty pleasure of catfighting and whining, ANTM is now just barely hanging. What happened to the show's budget? Forget giving the contestants a cheeseburger; someone give the producers some cash to bring this reality program back to glory.

9. Weeds

Season one was amazing--some of the best television on cable. Season two was great, but seasons three and four have put this drug comedy on a steady decline. (How can a show about weed not be awesome?) Weeds is still watchable, but we want the glory years back. Bring back Conrad and make Shane the young, biting karate kid he used to be.

8. 90210

If The CW wants to keep 90210 relevant, it's going to have to inject it with something that isn't cliche and predictable. 90210 is in danger of flunking out. Our suggestion: Look at your other teen-oriented programs for inspiration and put some more thought into it.

7. Entourage

It was fun to watch four guys palling around Hollywood in season one, but through this season we still don't really care about any of them. Can we just spin off Ari Gold and Lloyd and ditch the boys?

6. American Idol

Sure, everyone and their moms still watch this reality beast, but before it was everyone, their mom, and their grandma. The recent cutting down on the auditions probably won't help much, either. Can the new judge, Kara, assist? Probably not.

5. Smallville

We're not blaming the producers on this one--they're doing the best they can without the creators, Michael Rosenbaum, and Kristin Kreuk. We still think there may be some juice left in the tank for this one, but losing that much talent is like giving Superman a Kryptonite enema.

4. Grey's Anatomy

Off-set problems are flat-lining this once-dominant hospital drama. Are any of the actors actually happy to be on that show anymore? Poor T.R. Knight. And Izzie is now dating a ghost or something in one of primetime's most unusual storylines. Creator Shonda Rhimes says it's because of something like an aneurysm (*cough* Eli Stone *cough*) that's why this show is giving us headaches.

3. Saturday Night Live

We're not asking for Belushi, Chase, and Murray again... We'd settle for on par with Carvey, Nealon, and Hartman. The digital shorts may be the best thing about the show now, but that isn't saying much. Let's hope Chris Elliot's funny (and cute) daughter can replace Tina Fey.

2. Heroes

Oh, season seem like an eternity away. Claire crashing her car to hurt her would-be rapist, the mysterious HRG, and no Maya--those were the good old days. Can Pushing Daisies genius Bryan Fuller touch Heroes and bring it back from the dead? We won't hold our breath.

1. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

What hurts us about this one is we use to absolutely adore It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. We knelt at the temple of the Nightman. After three seasons of brilliant, politically incorrect, subversive humor, FX's comedy ain't so sunny anymore. Do we blame new writers? Charlie, Rob, and Glenn's hectic new schedule? I don't know, but we need to blame someone quickly. Too much talent here for this lackluster season; this one stings more than anything.

Our list is no doubt different than yours... let's hear your take!

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