Top Ten: The best Futurama episodes

Good news everyone! The Futurama DVD Into the Wild Green Yonder was released today! The bad news? It may just be the last new Futurama anything ever. While we say goodbye to one of the most creative shows on television, we also take a look back at our favorite Futurama episodes.

10. The Problem With Popplers

(season 2)
When the Planet Express crew discovers tasty little whatchamacallits on a planet, they bring them back to Earth, call them Popplers, and sell them to a hungry public. The problem with the Popplers? They're actually the young of Omicronians. Oops. To solve the problem, the Omicronians agree to eat Leela, but end up eating a hippie.

9. Roswell That Ends Well

(season 4)
After an incident with metal in a microwave, the crew is transported back to the 1940s and become the center of the Roswell UFO controversy. In one of the funniest stories the series ever concocted, Fry accidentally kills his grandfather but does the deed with his grandma, becoming his own grandpappy.

8. A Bicyclops Built For Two

(season 2)
Leela discovers another cyclops, Alkazar, and leaves Earth to repopulate her species. Soon Alkazar is treating Leela like dirt, and a jealous Fry investigates what's really going on. Highlights of the episode include a nod to Married With Children and the coolest rendition of the Internet ever.

7. I, Roommate

(season 1)
I'm a sucker for sappy buddy episodes, and Bender and Fry moving in together and Bender making the ultimate sacrifice for his new best friend--cutting off "little Bender"--gets me every time.

6. The Why of Fry

(season 4)
This episode unravels like an episode of Lost, with Fry going back in time and learning his destiny from Nibbler. One of the smartest Futurama scripts, "The Why of Fry" shows us what really happened the night Fry was frozen.

5. Parasites Lost

(season 3)
After eating a rotten sandwich, Fry becomes super smart thanks to parasites. Though Futurama is known for its geeky slapstick, "Parasites Lost" was unabashedly romantic, with Leela falling for the "new" Fry. The good guy he is, Fry reverts back to his old, stupid self at the cost of losing Leela's affection because he wanted to be loved for who he really was.

4. War is the H Word

(season 3)
When aliens declare war on Earth in Starship Troopers fashion, only one man can save them: Zapp Brannigan. Plenty of classic lines from Zapp, and plenty of jokes about balls.

3. Mars University

(season 2)
Fry returns to college to drop out, Bender helps his old frat become popular, and the Professor makes a monkey named Guenter super-smart with a hat. The ode to Up the Creek, the Dean's screams of "Rooooobot House!!!", and a monkey trying to wear a hat on its butt make this a classic. Plus, this episode has the ultimate Fry line: "Banana! Banana! Banana!"

2. Jurassic Bark

(season 4)
A tale of man's best friend has never been told better. Fry discovers the fossilized remains of his beloved pet pooch Seymour and wants to clone him, much to the chagrin of Bender. But realizing that Seymour lived to the ripe old age of 15, Fry thinks his dog would barely remember him. In flashbacks, we see otherwise in one of the most moving scenes in cartoon history. A real tearjerker.

1. The Luck of the Fryrish

(season 3)
Hands down the best episode of Futurama ever. Flashbacks show Fry's competitive relationship with his brother Yancy, who is constantly stealing Fry's ideas and passing them off as his own. But when Fry finds a seven-leafed clover, his luck changes. Meanwhile, in the future, Fry finds out that his brother stole his name and clover, becoming world-renowned for becoming the first person on Mars. I dare anyone to watch this episode without sobbing like a little baby.

Billy West, who does the voices for The Professor, Zoidberg, Fry, and more, told us that Futurama still has a shot at coming back. Let's hope Fox comes to its senses and decides to give this wonderful program another shot--it's too good not to be on the air. All glory to the Hypnotoad!

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