Video Sneak Peek: Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Ready your light sabers, boys and girls! Season two of Star Wars: The Clone Wars is upon us (the season premiere airs Friday, Oct. 2 on Cartoon Network). Last week, visited Lucasfilm’s Big Rock Ranch (don't miss our exclusive video, below) for a special screening of the first three episodes -- and the new season’s gonna be good.

The further adventures of Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano -- as well as the fates of empires and republics -- are told through dramatically improved animation and energetic voice acting. Though the story gets a bit convoluted at times (there's something about the struggles of intergalactic governments that's hard to follow or care about after a while), the action is relentless -- and the episodes move at the speed of hyperspace. Even better than the action though, and the real heart of the series, is Ahsoka Tano.

As Anakin's Paduwan, she gives us someone to identify with and to root for, since she's still getting used to her abilities. Ahsoka contributes a welcome light-heartedness to a fairly somber storyline. In one of the new episodes, Ahsoka embarks on a mission with another Paduwan -- one who's much more logical and detail-oriented than she is -- offering a compelling look at our new favorite underdog.

Bounty hunters are set to play a pivotal role this season too, though we won’t see them until midseason. Knowing that they’re on the way (we can't wait to see Bossk!), we’re confident that there’s plenty of excitement to come. Check out the video below -- which includes interviews with the cast -- for more scoop on Season 2!

Take a peek at's trip to Big Rock Ranch:

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