's Curb Your Enthusiasm Feud Tracker, Week 3: Jews, Chicken, and Golf

Welcome back to's Curb Your Enthusiasm Feud (and Food!) Tracker, where we document every minor misunderstanding and all-out dispute in Larry David’s always contentious life, then list everything he eats. And it just so happens that in this week’s episode, “Palestinian Chicken,” the two dovetail nicely into a conflict of global proportions.



Causes: Marty has spent the majority of his post-divorce months finding his inner-Jew. “I’m living under a mitzvah,” he tells an incredulous Larry. “You have none of that.” This difference of opinion is the source of much friction between the two throughout the episode, climaxing when Marty accidentally overhears Larry getting hate-f**ked by the Palestinian owner of his favorite chicken joint. Later, Larry and Marty get into a physical altercation when Marty tries to enter the restaurant with his yarmulke on. That results in Marty storming off angrily, and Larry and Jeff being cheered by the clientele. (This scene also produces one of the episode’s best lines, spoken by Marty: “If Rabin can break bread with Arafat, I can eat chicken at this antisemitic sh*thole.”)

Resolution: None. At a demonstration later to protest the opening of a new Palestinian chicken place next to a deli, Larry can’t even decide which side he is going to take, angering Marty further.


Causes: Having lost 65 pounds recently by “walking and watching what I eat,” Juliet, the wife of Larry’s golfing team partner Jeff (Larry Miller), takes Larry aside and asks him to promise “no matter what” that he won’t let her indulge in dessert that night. She tries to get a bite of cake, but Larry does as he’s told, which devolves into a wrestling and screaming match.

Resolution: Crumbs of resentment.


Causes: The ball-busting wife of Larry’s other golf teammate, Ron, has a habit of saying, “LOL” whenever she thinks something is funny. This annoys Ron, and he corners Larry the next day and makes him a deal: In exchange for ripping up the repair estimate for the car Larry damaged, Larry will tell Eileen that saying “LOL” is annoying. He does so, but Eileen knows immediately her husband put him up to it. This service earns Larry the nickname “The Social Assassin” by Jeff.

Resolution: The “LOL” incident becomes the “straw that broke the camel’s back,” leading Eileen to begin an affair with Jeff. It’s hard to know if she really holds Larry responsible for any of this, however. Her reaction to him when she got caught with Jeff at the chicken place was mortification more than anything. So let’s call this one “resolved.”



Causes: Susie and Jeff’s teen daughter blackmails “The Social Assassin” into confronting her mother about the annoying “ahh” sound she makes every time she takes a sip of beverage. Her leverage? Larry’s knowledge of Jeff and Eileen’s affair, which she threatens to make public if Larry doesn’t confront Susie about her irritating habit. Larry reluctantly agrees, to which Sammy says, “Now get the f*ck out of my driveway you bald prick.” She really is her mother’s daughter.

Resolution: When Larry does as he’s told at the golf tournament, Susie goes ballistic and accuses Jeff of having set him up to it–leading a guilty Sammy to admit to her evildoing. Unfortunately, she destroys two couples in the process. Larry has to have some residual hatred of this manipulative girl–if only for her ruining their chances at winning the golf tournament.


Palestinian Chicken: The chicken so delicious, it heightens tensions in the Middle East and causes Larry to turn on his own peoples.

Potatoes and Beef: Asked how the food is at Juliet’s dinner party, Larry offers that the potatoes are “a little cold” but the beef is “delicious.” This serves to impress Ron, who could never be so forthright with his opinions.

Frosted cake: The delicious baked dessert that causes a fight with Juliet.

What did you think about the episode? Did you enjoy the sex scene? Are you craving Palestinian chicken? Let us know!

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