's Fall 2011 Dead Pool: Which New Shows Will Get Canceled First?

Salutations! And welcome to the first annual Dead Pool, an interactive game in which YOU guess which new network shows will get canceled first. The basics are simple: Select the five new shows you think will be axed first, email your submissions to us, wait for the bloodbath, monitor your status in the standings, and brag.

Selecting Your Shows

– Start by choosing five early cancellation candidates from the new fall crop. Only shows on the major broadcast networks—Fox, CBS, NBC, ABC, The CW—are eligible. Then, select one potential tie-breaker: the show you think will be the first to earn a full-season pickup. A list of the available candidates is below. Submit your entry by emailing it Please include your username. Picks made in the comments section WILL NOT COUNT! [UPDATE: We have more than 250 entries so far, keep 'em coming!]

– Upcoming midseason shows are not eligible (sorry, Work It!). You may only select shows premiering between September 2011 and December 2011.

– To give you ample time to sample the worst new shows on television, we'll accept entries though 11:59pm Pacific time on September 30, after the majority this season's new shows have debuted. However, any show that's canceled before we receive your entry won't be eligible for your ballot (there are no free points here). So if you wait to submit until after How to Be a Gentleman premieres on September 29, but H8R gets canceled on the September 28, you will lose out on potential big points. (For shows don't start until October, you'll just have to take your best guess.) Choose your strategy wisely: Will you wait and get a good look at all the new shows, or submit early for a chance at maximum pointage?


– Each show can win you up to 13 points (new shows start out with 13-episode orders). For each episode that safely makes it to air, we'll subtract one point. Once a show gets canceled, we'll subtract the number of aired episodes from 13, everyone who picked the show in question will be awarded the resulting number of points. Using last year as an example, if you'd selected Fox's Lone Star, you would have netted 11 points, as the was canceled after two episodes (13 - 2 = 11).

– A show is considered canceled if it gets pulled from the schedule, never to return again. However, networks like to pretend shows aren't canceled in order to protect their image, so your trusty editors will have the final say on whether a show is canceled or not. It's pretty easy to tell.

– If a show you select is picked up for more episodes, we will deduct two points from your score. This is a death pool, after all. (Note: In some cases a show won't get a full Back 9 episode order, but for our purposes here, if any show gets an order for any number of new episodes, we'll consider that a full-season order and points will still be deducted from your score.)

– In the case of any unusual circumstances (i.e. a show gets picked up for new episodes and then it gets canceled), the editorial staff will determine appropriate scoring.

– Tie-breaker: In the event of a tie, the contestant who specifically named the first show to receive a full-season order will win.

Eligible Shows and Premiere Dates

Choose the five shows you think will be canceled first from the following list of 27 new series, plus the one show you think will be the first get picked up for a full season. Then email your entry to! Click any show title for basic information about the program, or check out our Everything Guide to the Fall TV Schedule, Our 10 Most-Anticipated New Shows for Fall 2011, and our initial reactions to the pilots we've screened so far for more in-depth opinions and info.

2 Broke Girls (9/19, CBS) Allen Gregory (11/30, Fox) Charlie's Angels (9/22, ABC)
Free Agents (9/14, NBC) Grimm (10/21, NBC) A Gifted Man (9/23, CBS)
H8R (9/14, The CW) Unforgettable (9/20, CBS) Hart of Dixie (9/26, The CW)
Up All Night (9/14, NBC) Last Man Standing (10/11, ABC) Man Up (10/18, ABC)
New Girl (9/20, Fox) Once Upon a Time (10/23, ABC) Pan Am (9/25, ABC)
Person of Interest (9/22, CBS) The Playboy Club (9/19, NBC) Prime Suspect (9/22, NBC)
Revenge (9/21, ABC) Ringer (9/13, The CW) Secret Circle (9/15, The CW)
Suburgatory (9/28, ABC) Whitney (9/22, NBC) Terra Nova (9/26, Fox)
I Hate My Teenage Daughter (11/30, Fox) How to Be a Gentleman (9/29, CBS) The X Factor (9/21, Fox)


– The entry with the most points wins. This ain't rocket surgery!

– Winners will receive a prize to be determined, which will range somewhere between a congratulatory tweet and a private jet disco party with the surviving cast members of Diff'rent Strokes.

– Bear with us. Because some shows don't air until late November, we won't be able to determine a winner for a while yet. You're in it for the long haul, but once you enter, you don't have to do anything else!

Tips, Hints, and Strategy

– Just because a show is bad (*ahem* Whitney) doesn't mean it will get canceled first. Remember, According to Jim lasted 108 seasons.

– Consider overall network strength, a show's appeal to the common denominator, and the scope of a show's budget. All these factor into networks' decisions to keep or cancel shows. How much time will Fox grant the expensive Terra Nova? Will the first-place network CBS keep its shows on a shorter leash? Yes, H8R sucks, but it's on The CW.

– Go for dark horses to gain an edge on the competition.

– I will update this page with relevant information (ratings, etc.) throughout the season. Well, I probably will.

– Have fun! Talk smack, but keep it friendly-ish! We'll be playing along, too!


Coming soon, but here's a taste of what to expect, suckers!

First Place: Tim Surette ( Staff)
Last Place: You

Summary and Final Intructions

Submit your entry by emailing it to before 11:59pm Pacific on September 30, 2011 with "Dead Pool 2011" in the subject line. Please include your username in your submission. Remember, pick five new shows you think will get canceled AND one show you think will be the first to earn a full-season order. If you don't follow instructions, I will send Mario Lopez to your house.

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