's Swell-o-vision vs. Hell-o-vision (Dec. 18)

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Millions of Americans are about to embark on the most difficult journey they'll ever take: holiday travel. Traffic at the airport, long security lines, crying babies... makes you just want to stay home instead of endure the mess. If you must be on your way, don't forget to bring your laptop and your favorite TV-on-DVD... it'll better than staring at that snot-nosed kid who won't stop looking at you. And with that handy advice, here's what we liked and disliked this week:

An emergency-exit row all to yourself:

Lost-inspired art
One poster even featured two hints of what's in store for Season Six. But are any of them better than this John Locke-inspired gem?

Jon and Kate finally divorce
By our count, it's only ten years too late. What will become of the supermarket tabloid industry now? Oh, and the kids too, I guess.

Elf airing on USA constantly
The best way to spread Christmas cheer is by airing Elf for all to watch.

Max Weinberg sings for the Mormons
Conan O'Brien's drummer writes a holiday song for a religion he knows nothing about. (video)

The "Let's enhance it!" YouTube Mashup
Super-duper mega-mega-pixel cameras have existed in the world of television and film for years now. (video)

A three-day delay at O'Hare:

Katey Sagal, Jim Parsons snubbed by The Golden Globes
And Connie Britton. And Kyle Chandler. And Josh Holloway. And Bryan Cranston.

The Simpsons limps into its 20th anniversary
The show isn't exactly closing out its second decade with its finest work. Is it time to pull the plug?

The Beautiful Life on YouTube
Ashton Kutcher wants the show to be the first series to get more views on YouTube than on broadcast. We think there's a different "first" accomplish on the horizon: The first show to get canceled on YouTube.

Taylor Lautner on Saturday Night Live
January Jones, you have new competition for worst host ever!

Noelle Nikpour on The Daily Show
Are you frickin' serious? We heart you, Samantha Bee. ("Woman go take your pills" belongs on our likes list, though.)

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