's Swell-o-vision vs. Hell-o-vision (December 17)

Here's what was out of sight and just not right on TV this week.


... IBM's trivia-solving robot Watson is ready to beat Ken Jennings!
A robot is being groomed to take on Jeopardy!, but what will it do with the million dollar prize?

...These Archer promos for season 2
Until our favorite secret agent returns on January 27, we'll have to be satiated by these awesome clips.

...PBS' new series Paris The Luminous Years; Toward the Making of the Modern
Learn how the salon days shaped your MOMA visiting experience. Aww come on, get a little culture for once!

...This awesome marching band from Hawaii
They're giving the Chinese Olympics opening ceremony choreographers a run for their money!

...Family Guy's hour-long Christmas episode "Road to the North Pole"
A good opening song and some funny stuff when Stewie and Brian meet a burned out Santa Claus and his inbred mutated elves.


...Syfy axing Stargate Universe.
It's official. Syfy is no longer a place for us nerds. Sigh.

...Desperate Housewives' "cliffhanger."
We know they can't off Teri Hatcher, so that final scene of her lying in the street unconscious was pretty anti-climactic.

...Bridalplasty's Contestants
They're every bit as messed up in the head as you think a participant in a show where the rewards are plastic surgery would be. Alexandra why you gotta be such a diva, girl? Bonus hell: Why can't we stop watching?

...CBS' in-development series Two Broke Girls
From Sex and the City creator Michael Patrick King, the show features women in New York who have no cash. So it's Sex and the City with Converse and Olde English instead of designer shoes and Cosmopolitans. Ugh.

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