's Swell-o-vision vs. Hell-o-vision (February 11)

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Here's what was out of sight and just not right on TV this week.


... The Good Wife could very well be the best show on TV
This week's episode was a twisty-turny who's-scamming-whom imbroglio, where the good guys might be the bad guys, and the bad guys might not be so bad. (Except the insurance companies. They're just plain evil.)

... Mr. Sunshine's opening... thing
The pilot of this all-growed-up-Chandler-Bing starring vehicle may have left plenty of room for improvement, but we did enjoy the nearly nonexistent opening "theme."

... The reunions on last Saturday's SNL
With Dana Carvey hosting came Mike Meyers and Jon Lovitz. And hearing Phil Hartman's voice again in the introductions to the Church Lady and Wayne's World sketches was just icing on the cake.

... Antonio, Carla, and Angelo's beef tongue song on Top Chef
Not to mention the same episode's Carla/Jimmy Fallon/chicken pot pie love triangle, which originated thusly: Carla randomly chose chicken pot pie as the dish she'd be preparing for Fallon's birthday-lunch challenge. Those three little words sent her into a happiness seizure; then Jimmy tasted her dish and HE had a happiness seizure. Carla won the challenge, leading to MORE happy seizures all around, plus an appearance on Thursday's Late Night, where their seizure-ific romance continued to bloom across other NBC Universal properties.

... This Dr. Who informational poster
This ought to come in handy the next time you step into that phonebooth.


... The future of America, as foretold by Family Feud
We're all doomed! Doomed to a religion-free life of smoking marijuana! Wait, are we sure this video should be in the "Hell" section?

... The Chicago Code's voiceover
Why does every main character get to have a disembodied voice on this show?

... The Black Eyed Peas' halftime show
Did we just see a Broadway version of Tron?

... The post-Super Bowl episode of Glee
Gleeks are ashamed to call themselves Gleeks after watching that. Which is saying something.

... Alan Cumming on The Good Wife
We love Alan and we love The Good Wife. But the former's role on the latter is probably the most disappointing TV arrival since Steve Buscemi. So much wasted talent!

What made your list of loves and hates this week?

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