's Swell-o-vision vs. Hell-o-vision (February 4)

Here's what was out of sight and just not right on TV this week.


... This photo of Modern Family's Rico Rodriguez and Nolan Gould
This is what happens when you let kid actors near SAG awards. Total cuteness!

... The mafia coming to town on Detroit 1-8-7
We're totally digging the throwback to Michael Imperioli's Sopranos past.

...Kristen Schaal on The Daily Show
She stuck it to the GOP on the No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act, and the next day the GOP dropped the controversial re-definition of what rape means.

... Nicki Minaj on SNL
Though she was pretty great in the digital short, she went on to become the best part of the best sketch of the night, as the title character in Bride of Blackenstein. That she wore the same wig for her musical performance was just a victory lap.

Chris Elliot's Return to TV!
Adult Swim's Eagleheart, which stars Elliot, is The Naked Gun by way of Walker, Texas Ranger, and it's absurdly funny.
Get excited for Season 2 of Justified with this Tumblr devoted to all things Timothy Olyphant. Way to keep it weird, internet!


... Charlie Sheen is kind of off-the-hook
Shouldn't he have to pay the salary for the Two and Half Men crew since he's the reason the show is not filming?

...Steven Tyler's American Idol apology
Or should we say publicity stunt? Everything in the audition episodes is pre-taped, remember? It was all too contrived to be believable.

... Sci-Fridays, the Bad Part
Fringe and Supernatural airing at the same time can't be a good thing for either show's ratings—which are critical, as both are bubble shows hoping to be renewed next year.

... Issac Mizrahi as a guest judge on Top Chef
Smug, bitchy, and just generally unpleasant to be around, Isaac Mizrahi oversaw the first challenge in Top Chef history that had nothing to do with the taste of food, and in doing so instantly unseated Toby Young as Judge You'd Most Like to Punch in the Stupid Face.

... Bridalplasty's dissing of microwaveable treats
They were LEAN Pockets, bitch!

...Vanessa Minnillo on 30 Rock
Her portrayal of a cutthroat news anchor Carmen Chao paled in comparison to Elizabeth Banks's Avery Jessup.

What made your list of loves and hates this week?

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