's Swell-o-vision vs. Hell-o-vision (February 4)

It's time once again to discuss the bestest and worstest TV happenings of the last seven days, and this week's collection is a hodgepodge of weirdos and wackiness. Seriously—one actress cried over a sloth, one aging pop star said "okay" to the first video concept thrown her way, and Don Draper met a whale.


Tim & Eric's Super Bowl promos on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Suddenly Volkswagen + Star Wars and Honda + Ferris Buller seem so... cliche.

Sharpie graffiti transforms a minimalist Mad Men subway ad into a whimsical ocean playground

You have to admit, the ad was just asking for it.

Pee-wee Herman on Top Chef

While it's slightly disconcerting to see Pee-wee looking middle-aged and serving as a reality show judge, it's still a delight to see Paul Reubens in any form. We'll take it.

Kristen Bell's sloth-induced weep attack

The House of Lies star got the birthday present of a lifetime—hanging out with a sloth—and adorably couldn't even pretend to keep it together. The sloth seemed pretty happy, too.

Face Off's slasher-villain competition

A terrific second season outdid itself when guest-judge and horror-makeup legend Tom Savini oversaw the contestants' slasher-movie villain creations. In an episode geared toward everyone's strengths, the creations were as impressive as they were genuinely unsettling!

There's a new episode of Good Eats on next week

Set your DVR: According to our ever-optimistic, still-active-even-the-show's-no-longer-in-production season pass, Alton Brown's beloved cooking show will return with a rare new episode next Friday, February 10. It's cheekily titled "Turn on the Dark," and the subject is chocolate (because Valentine's Day).

Nova's edu-tainment

Nerd alert! Yes, Nova's been around for a million years and its audience is probably mostly comprised of AARP members, but this week's "Ice Age Death Trap," about an archeological site full of woolly mammoth fossils in the Rockies, completely hooked us with its Mythbusters-style experiment that showed how the mammoths could've been trapped when an earthquake turned their watering hole into quicksand beneath their feet. And here we complain about traffic.

Lizzy Caplan on New Girl

Lizzy is great as Nick's now-girlfriend Julia, and seeing her no-nonsense, lady lawyer character clash with Jess the Cute One was highly entertaining (sample line: "I'm about to go pay this pay this $800 fine, and my checks have baby farm animals on them, bitch!). Shout-out to Schmidt, too, for his pronunciation of "sculpting chut-en-y."

The Return of Tosh.0

The show gets grosser with every episode, but we'd rather witness the popping of a giant back zit then live without Daniel Tosh on our TV screens.

Person of Interest's fashion sense

The stylist on Person of Interest deserves a shout-out. Finch and Reese are always dressed like they mean business, or just left the set of a '60s spy thriller. Finch was looking especially sharp in his three-piece suit in Thursday's "Root Cause."

The cinematography of Luck's pilot

The horse-racing jargon may have been hard to follow, but everything looked stunning—from the horse races to the stalls to Dustin Hoffman meeting an old business partner. Great job from director Michael Mann and director of photography Stuart Dryburgh.


Madonna's new video

She's the Super Bowl halftime entertainment, so her new video—which debuted during Idol on Thursday—features football players and... this makes no sense.

The X Factor's firing frenzy

Paula Abdul, Nicole Scherzinger and Steve Jones were axed in one swoop from The X Factor, in a desperate bid to transform the show into the buzz-machine it failed to be. But in an overcrowded field, Simon Cowell had one chance to make his mark, and he blew it. Now he's just rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.

Bravo's Andy Cohen

Sometimes we're really truly interested in what the guests on Watch What Happens Live have to say. But we just can't get past Cohen's grinning smarm; the Bravo exec should stay behind the camera.

The CW prematurely spoils The Vampire Diaries

When The CW accidentally leaked the promo for a FUTURE episode, it gave away a mystery that had been building over several weeks, thus ruining what should've been a shocking payoff. Thanks a lot, guys!

Joe Manganiello guest-stars on White Collar... fully clothed


Adam Lambert is now the lead singer of Queen

We know Freddie Mercury, and former American Idol contestant Adam Lambert is no Freddie Mercury.

What made your list of TV loves and hates this week?

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