's Swell-o-vision vs. Hell-o-vision (January 15)

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Behold this week's best and worst TV moments.

Out of Sight

The "Pants on the Ground" phenomenon
First there was this guy's American Idol audition. And then there was Jimmy Fallon's Neil Young rendition.

Double Doses of 30 Rock and Fringe
Two new episodes of 30 Rock and two new episodes of Fringe equals double—er, quadruple—the TV-viewing pleasure!

The debut of Archer
FX's raunchy new animated series combines James Bond, Chuck, and Family Guy in one hilarious show.

Wilson's proposal to House
"Greg House, will you marry me?" was brilliant.

All the snarky fighting about Conan and Jay
We're still on Team Coco, but we've been loving all the recent skits and sketches about NBC's late-night debacle.

Project Runway's return to NYC
Now if only it'd go back to Bravo, too.

Just Not Right

Too much Spice on American Idol
Victoria Beckham should not be judging other peoples' singing ability.

Pat Robertson on CNBC
Seriously? Proclaiming that Haiti made a deal with the devil? You, sir, are an asshole.

Jack Black's guest appearance on Community
Tthe guy has only one act.

Jay Leno's imminent return to late-night TV
Not to mention NBC's resulting 10pm schedule: Law & Order ad nauseum and an extra hour of Dateline. We now have even higher expectations for Parenthood's premiere in March.

Sarah Palin on Fox News
Sarah Palin does not need another soapbox. Here's hoping The Daily Show will benefit from the fresh meat.

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