's Swell-o-vision vs. Hell-o-vision (January 29)

Here's what we loved and hated on TV this week:


Jimmy Kimmel's response to Jay Leno playing the victim on Oprah
“You know at one time [Jay] was a comedian.” That's gotta sting.

The prospect of Becki Newton and Enver Gjokaj on the same show
Now that Dollhouse is over and Ugly Betty is ending, we're hoping Newton and Gjokaj will get to work together.

The sniper on Heroes
It's about time the show's writers got rid of some extra characters. Shoot away, mystery man!

The dialogue on Archer
German guy on laptop screen: What is the frequency?
Archer: Kenneth?

Conan O'Brien's last broadcast of The Tonight Show
O'Brien ended his brief tenure on The Tonight Show by playing guitar during a Will Ferrell rendition of "Free Bird."

NPH being catty on Idol
Way to give Simon what for!


The announcement of Flash Forward "Volume 1" on DVD
Seriously? Would you pay $30 for 10 episodes of a mediocre show halfway through its first season? No amount of DVD extras could make this purchase worth it.

The first four minutes of the Lost premiere leaked online
Dear internet: Show some respect!

Kimber's non-event suicide on Nip/Tuck
She's been on the show since the first episode and gave her death more coverage than the show did.

NPH being catty on Idol
Watching our beloved NPH be cruel kind of made our hearts hurt.

What did you think was awesome on TV this week? What did you think was atrocious?

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